Monday, July 8, 2019

YIZKOR list from 1954: FARBER

'פרבר, משה, פיגה, לייזר ומשפ

English transcription

FARBER Moshe, Feige, Leizer and family

Likely versions of the names back in Lubaczow:

FARBER Moses / Mojzesz / Mosche
FARBER Feige / Feiga
FARBER Leiser / Leizer

This is one of the families on the Yizkor list I have problems finding additional information about. Were they relatives of families from Lubaczow?

YIZKOR list from 1954: EISENSTEIN

 'אייזנשטיין, ליפא, אידל, בילה ומשפ

English transcription:
EISENSTEIN Lipe, Eidel, Beile and family

Possible spellings of names back in Lubaczow:
EISENSTEIN Eidel / Eidla
EISENSTEIN Beila / Beile

We have not found that relatives have not submitted Pages of Testimony for these three, only M.Lerer, the community member who left Lubaczow in the second half of the 1930's.
Lipe Leser EISENSTEIN had been trading in iron, according to the business registry from 1929.  Side note:"Eisen" in German is "iron" in English.

YIZKOR list from 1954: EISEN

'אייזן, שמואל, אטל, יוסף-צבי ומשפ

English transcription:

EISEN Shmuel, Etel, Josef-Zvi and family

Likely versions of spelling of these names back in Lubaczow:

EISEN Szmul / Schmul /Samuel
EISEN Etel / Ettel
EISEN Josef- Zvi / Jozef- Hersch / Jozef -Hirsch / Jozef- Hirsz

Pages of Testimony  submitted by Uri Roth:
Samuel EISEN , born 1894 in Rawa Ruska, paint merchant, married to Etel nee ROTH.
Etel EISEN nee ROTH, born 1895 in Lubaczow. Samuel and Etel were the parents of Josef-Zvi, born around 1939.
Uri Roth was the brother of Etel EISEN nee ROTH.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

YIZKOR list from 1954: Another DRUCKER family

'דרוקר, גרשון, מרדכי, לייבוש, פייוול, משה, פייגה, בנציון, יצחק ומשפ

English transcription:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Gershon, Mordechai, Leibush, Feivel, Moshe, Feige, Benzion, Yitzchak and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Gerszon / Gerschon 
DRUCKER Mordche / Mordko   
DRUCKER  Leib /Leibisz / Leibisch
DRUCKER  Feiwel / Feiwisch / Fejbel
DRUCKER Moses / Mosche / Mojzesz
DRUCKER Feiga / Fajga
DRUCKER Isak / Isaak

No Page of Testimony for Gerszon DRUCKER / DRUKER, but could this be his grave?
Did he die in 1931?

This is the grave of Gerszon's wife Margule Margula DRUKER who died in 1915.

Page of Testimony submitted by a niece, in Hebrew, for Mordechai DRUCKER, son of Arie (Leib??) and Gitel DRUCKER, married to Chaja Riva DRUCKER, two children.

Page of Testimony submitted by M. Lerer, a community member, for the baker Fejbel DRUKER, a widower, around 70 years old ( born around 1870?).

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his father Mosze DRUCKER, born 1888, son of Shraga ( Fejbel?)  and Chaja DRUCKER, a baker by profession, married to Zipora ( Feiga?)  nee FINK, lived in Przemysl.

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his mother Feiga Zipora DRUCKER , born 1890.

David DRUCKER also submitted Pages of Testimony for his siblings:
        Ida Ita DRUCKER born 1912 in Cieszanow
        Syma DRUCKER born 1915 in Lubaczow
        Chaja DRUCKER born 1918 in Przemysl
        Efraim DRUCKER born 1922 in Przemysl, a baker

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his uncle Benzion DRUCKER, born 1892, a baker in Lubaczow, married  with four children.

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his uncle Izak DRUCKER, born 1905, a baker, married to Miriam, two children.

This looks like a couple named Arie ( Leib?) and Gitel DRUCKER / DRUKER had the following sons:

Gerszon DRUCKER 
Mordechai  ( Markus?) DRUCKER

YIZKOR list from 1954: One DRUCKER family

דרוקר, יוסף, בריינדלה,בלומה, חיה, רחל ומש

English transcription:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Josef, Breindla, Bluma, Chaya, Rachel and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Jozef / Josef
DRUCKER / DRUKER Breindla / Breindel / Brandla
DRUCKER / DRUKER Bluma / Blima

According to the Lubaczow Death Registry Jozef DRUCKER, born ca 1879, died in Lubaczow in 1936. He was married to Breindla Brandla nee KUPFERSCHMIED. His grave has not been located.

Pages of Testimony were submitted by community member M. Lerer for  Breindel, Bluma, Chaja and Rachel, but no relatives have submitted Pages.
What happened to these four women?

YIZKOR list from 1954: DRUCK

'דרוק, דוד, דבורה ומשפ

English transcription:

DRUCK,  David , Dvorah and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCK , Dawid
DRUCK, Dwojra

Community member M. Lerer wrote Pages of Testimony for Dawid  and Dwojra Druck, but I could not find any Pages submitted by family members.  What happened to this couple and their children?

Dawid DRUCK had a business for leather and/or furs in Lubaczow.

Dawid DRUCK was born in 1889, married to Dwojra nee LEHRER and they had at least four sons and one daughter born between 1917 - 1934.

YIZKOR from 1954: DORNER


'דורנר, צבי, קיילה, נתן ומשפ

English transcription:

DORNER Zvi , Keila , Nathan and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DORNER, Zwi / Hersch / Hersz
DORNER Kejla / Kajla
DORNER Natan / Nathan

In the following blogpost you will discover that Kejla DORNER  died in 1939 and has a gravestone in Lubaczow. There is also additional information about this family.

Zvi  Hersch and Kejla DORNER's daughter Anna married FROSTIG submitted Pages of Testimony for her brother Natan DORNER, born 1910, a coal merchant , married , and for her brother Moshe DORNER, born 1927, in addition to Pages for other relatives, but Anna Frostig did not submit Pages for her parents.  

From the Lubaczow Death Registry we learn that several of the  children  of Hersch and Kejla DORNER died young:
Jacob DORNER ( ca 1907 - 1915)
Chaja Ita DORNER ( ca 1919 - 1915)
Benjamen DORNER ( 1917-1917)
Selig DORNER (1923-1923)