Sunday, March 17, 2019

Three sons of Jozef and Chaja KATZ

My last blogpost was about the family of Berl KATZ.

The parents of Berl KATZ were Josef / Jozef KATZ and his wife Chaja nee RINDLER.

A rough estimate would give Jozef and Chaja's birth years around 1840 - 1845, and their year of wedding around 1863 - 1868.

From the fact that Berl named his oldest son Josef when he was born in 1904, we understand that Berl's father had died before 1904.

From the fact that their son Berl named his daughter born in 1914 Chaja, we understand that Chaja KATZ nee RINDLER had died before 1914.

The three sons we have found so far, all lived around Lubaczow , in Basznia, but had completely different fates.

Their youngest son, Hersch (Zvi)  KATZ, was born around 1889, and died, 26 years old in 1915. 1915 was the year that so many died in Lubaczow.

Their son Berl KATZ was born in 1874, was first married to Malka. After Malka's death in 1915,  Berl married Chaja. Berl was murdered in the Holocaust.

Their son Izrael / Israel KATZ was born either in 1864 or around 1869. He died in June 1936, either 67 or 72 years old.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Berl KATZ family

A letter from Argentina caused me to look at the family of Berl KATZ.

Berl KATZ was born in 1874 and was married twice.
His first wife Malka LUDNER/ LUDMER , died in 1915, only 32 years old.

In 1923 he married his second wife Chaja GOLDSTEIN.

Berl KATZ' son from his first marriage, Mendel KATZ born in 1911, managed to emigrate to Argentina in 1939. Mendel's brother Rajmiel/Rachmiel KATZ, born 1909, was already in Argentina.
So we now know that the two brothers Rajmiel/Rachmiel and Mendel KATZ survived by escaping to Argentina.

Mendel's daughter wants to know what happened to the other  siblings of her father:
Josef KATZ born 1904
Chaja KATZ born 1914
Hersz KATZ born 1923
Rachel KATZ born 1926
Chaim Lazar KATZ born 1928

Can you help Mendel KATZ' daughter?

There are Pages of Testimony for the following:

In 1979 Berl KATZ' son (Rajmiel?) KATZ in Buenos Aires submitted a Page for his father.

I have not found a Page for Berl's wife

Josef KATZ
There is a Page for Josef KATZ born 1907 in Basnia Dolne, married to Eidel and with two young children, Yecheskel 11 and Zlata, 3 years old. They were in Wielkie Oczy during the war. There is no name of the parents of this Josef KATZ,  so it is not quite clear if this is Berl and Malka's oldest son who was born in 1904.

Chaja KATZ
Based on her year of birth, 1914, Chaja  KATZ could have been married. I have not found any Pages of Testimony for her.

Hersz  KATZ
Hersz was born in 1923. Did he still live with his parents? I have found no Page of Testimony for him.

Rachel KATZ
I have found no Page of Testimony for Rachel KATZ who was born in 1926 and would have been a young teenager when the war broke out.

Chaim Lazar KATZ
Chaim was just 11 years old when WWII broke out. I have found no Page of Testimony for him.

Did Chaja KATZ  and her three young children manage to escape, or are they among the Holocaust victims not commemorated at Yad Vashem?

Is the Josef KATZ on that Page of Testimony mentioned,  indeed the son of Berl KATZ? 

Did Chaja KATZ , Berl's daughter from his first marriage,  marry and what happened to her/ and her family?