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They died on Yom Kippur or on Tisha Be'Av

The life of the Jews of Lubaczow must to a certain extent have been influenced  by the Christian calendar as far as living in a Christian country with Christian holidays and sharing the everyday life in Lubaczow through business with Roman Catholic Poles and Orthodox Christian Ukrainians.

But in the Jewish community, within the Jewish families, the Hebrew calendar would have been the calendar that governed their  lives  -  daily prayers, shabat, holidays,  Bar Mitzva, Yahrzeits etc.

When a family member happened to die on a Jewish holiday or a Moed like Yom Kippur or Tisha be’Av, I imagine that holiday or Moed would have a special meaning in the years to come.

This time I have recorded the graves  where Yom Kippur and Tisha be'Av are noted on the gravestone.

The evening of Yom Kippur

1914      Grave of woman                                                                Row 2, Grave 63
1916      Josef Arie Leib LEHRER, son of Fishel                             Row 25, Grave 43
1930      Israel Izrael Benjamin HIRSCHEL, son of Elijahu David   Row 26, Grave 7

Yom Kippur

1868     Josef, son of Avigdor                                                                 Row 38, Grave 11
1887     Moshe Josef, son of Daniel                                                       Row 1, Grave 37
1904     Chaia Ester, daughter of Zvi HaLevi                                          Row 16, Grave 2
1917 (?)  Grave of woman                                                                      Row 23, Grave 42
1931     Beila Ester WEISS nee WEINTRAUB, daughter of Avraham   Row 29, Grave 18

The end of Yom Kippur

 Year ?   Grave of a woman "במוצא יום סליחה באה אל עולמה במנוחה"          Row 20  Grave 12

Tisha be'Av

.Year?       ..?........................                                            Row 18, Grave 48
1855     Grave of a young man who died in a plague       Row 37  Grave 15
1906     Grave of man                                                       Row 10, Grave 9
1914(?) Grave of woman                                                  Row 18, Grave 45
1916(?) Chana Perl, daughter of Meir                              Row 20, Grave 9  

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