Thursday, October 1, 2015

ROW 2, GRAVE 1: Yehushua ( Ozjasz?) KLEIN

ROW 2, GRAVE 1     

A photo taken during one of my earlier visits to Lubaczow.


Given name

Date of death
on gravestone
 Tevet 18th 5696
 יח טבת תרצ"ו
Date of death
Jan  12th 1936 

Hebrew name
Father’s name


Group One: Family name on the stone

Group Two

These are the photos of the gravestone of Yehushua / Ozjasz Klein I took in May 2013. 
The stone itself is redish, and the text does not stand out clear.
The text is in Hebrew, as is customary, but at the very base of the stone the name is written in Latin letters.

According to Pages of Testimony submitted by Mr. Lerer, the couple Pinchas and Ester Klein and their children  became Holocaust victims.  Pinchas Klein was born around 1895. His father's name is not mentioned on the Page of Testimony. Pinchas Klein was a wood merchant.

Could Pinchas KLEIN have been a son of Ozjasz Klein?

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