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ROW 30, GRAVE 12: Nesha Rachel GROSSMAN

ROW 30, GRAVE 12

Permission from Yad Vashem to publish this photo taken back in 1964. The grave in question is the third from the right.


Given name

Date of death
on gravestone

Date of death

Hebrew name
Nesha Rachel
נעשא רחל
Father’s name
Nochim or  Chaim   Josef z”l

נחים/חיים יוסף ז"ל

Group Two

In 1915 died Beila GROSSMAN, the daughter of Kojcza and Rachela GROSSMAN. She was born around 1906.

Could Kojcza be the husband of Nesha Rachel? 
Could Beila be their daughter?

From Pages of Testimony  submitted back in 1957 to Yad Vashem, Kojcze GROSSMAN had a son named Hirsch GROSSMAN, born  1908. Hirsch was married to Feiga SILBER, born 1912 in Lubaczow, and they had a little daughter, Ester Tsipe, 3 years old. Kojcze , Hirsch, Feiga and little Ester were murdered in Holocaust.

Kojcze GROSSMAN and his son Hirsch GROSSMAN are both listed as bakers.

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