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Group Five: A Summary

GROUP FIVE: The graves from after Dec 23rd 1938
The last registered death in the Death Register occurred on Dec. 23rd 1938 when  Etla SOKAL died. Unfortunately her grave has not been located.

The names listed below should be of particular interest to those who do not  know the specific circumstances of death  for their relatives during the Second World War in Poland. Perhaps their relative has a grave with a gravestone

The graves from Dec 24th 1938 till the last one from Dec 10th 1940, can be
divided into three separate groups:

Dec 24th 1938 till Sept 1st 1939:
Lubaczow was still a town in the sovereign State of Poland.
Avraham Zvi died in January 1939.
The grandson of Rabbi Sacher Ber ROKACH, Sacher Ber ROKACH, died in April 1939.
Cyril STEINER nee GROHMAN died in April 1939.
Sara, daughter of Leiser, died in April 1939.
Sara, daughter of Yaakov, died in May 1939.
Rachel, daughter of Yehushua HaKohen, died in June 1939.
Shmuel, son of Abraham, died in July 1939.
Eliezer, son of Baruch, died in July 1939.

In September 1939:
First occupation of Lubaczow by the German Army – a few weeks.
Mosze Moshe Yehuda RETIG RETTIG died on Sept 9th 1939

End of September or beginning of October 1939 till the end of June 1941:
Lubaczow was occupied by the Red Army and the Soviet Union.
Rachel, daughter of Godel, died in October 1939.
Keila DORNER nee ADLER, daughter of Menachem Mendel died in October 1939
Avraham, son of Meir Yitzchak, died in October 1939.
Yaakov , son of Mordechai Eliezer, died in October 1939
Elazar, son of Moshe Shimson, died in December 1939.
Moses KOENIG, son of Josef Jakob KOENIG, died in January 1940.
Reisel, daughter of Shlomo, died in January 1940.
Alta Gedel, daughter of Yecheskel, probably died in April 1940.
Dov, son of Zvi Elkana, died in May 1940. ( Ber KIRSCHENBAUM?)
Rachel STORCH, daughter of Zvi, died in July 1940
Ester, daughter of Selig Gershon, died in September 1940
Sprinca MOND, daughter of Moshe Arie, died in December 1940

In the summer of 1941 the German Army reoccupied Lubcaczow.
Death -  both from disease, old age and murder -  must have resulted in ritual Jewish burials for
the next year and a half,  till the final massmurder of the Jews in Lubaczow in
January 1943, but we have not found any gravestones from this period.

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