Thursday, September 10, 2015

If you are a descendant of the FEDER family

The  oldest FEDER persons , based on those listed in the death register, seem to be Josef FEDER, Lieber FEDER, Samuel FEDER, Abysz FEDER and Abraham FEDER. They  may have been born around 1830 - 1835

Josef FEDER was married to Malka Beila. Their son Wolf FEDER was born ca 1869 and died in 1924. Wolf is buried in  ROW 28, GRAVE 25.
I have not located the grave Wolf's wife Rifka nee ZIMMERMAN (ca 1868- 1918).
Her gravestone may have this inscription:
רבקה בת שמואל
נפטרה י"ד(?) תרע"ט
Josef FEDER must have died before September 1914.

Lieber FEDER was married to Gitla FEDER. She was born around 1832 and died in 1922. She is buried in ROW 38, GRAVE 1.
Lieber FEDER must have died before September 1914.
Lieber and Gitla's daughter Chaja Syma HOLZ nee FEDER was born around 1869, married Moses HOLZ. 
She died in 1938 and is buried in ROW 41, GRAVE 3.

Samuel FEDER was married to Chana. Their daughter Syma, born around 1860, married Marcus "Moti" HERZBERG. She died in 1936 and is buried in ROW 28, GRAVE 7.
Another daughter of Samuel and Chana, Feige, married Israel Isak WOLFGANG. They had eight children in Jaworow during the years 1877- 1895.(Source JRI-Poland)
Samuel FEDER must have died before September 1914.

Possibility: If Lieber and Samuel were brothers, their mother (grandmother?) may have been Syma Sima. In that case , their mother had died before 1860. 

Abysz FEDER was married to Malka FEDER nee DONER / DONNER (ca 1847 - 1932). She is buried in ROW 1, GRAVE 49.
Abysz FEDER must have died before September 1914.

Abraham FEDER was married to Ester FEDER nee SCHWEBEL ( ca 1837-1917).
He must have died before September 1914.
We have not located his wife's grave yet. 
The text on her gravestone may be
אסתר בת יעקב הירש/ צבי
נפטרה כ"ב(?) אדר תרע"ט

Could Josef, Lieber, Samuel, Abysz and Abraham FEDER have been brothers?

Sometimes we see Abraham Abysz as a double given name.  Could Abysz FEDER and Abraham FEDER be the same person?

Many years ago I corresponded with a FEDER descendant in the States who wrote back then that her greatgreatgrandfather was Boruch Baruch FEDER. My guess he was born around 1840.

Boruch FEDER's son Eliezer FEDER ( born around 1870?) emigrated from Lubaczow to the States around 1899 with his wife and daughter following a few years later.

Had Boruch FEDER lived in Lubaczow?

How does this family connect to the FEDER families I have listed above?

Perhaps now, in 2015, the descendant knows more about the roots of the FEDER family?

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