Thursday, September 17, 2015

Group Four: Some examples

Group Four includes graves from before September 1914. 
In this case we have no civilian Death Register to help us identify those buried. Only in a few cases do we know the family names of those in Group Four.

Some examples from different periods:

Before  the Year 1800
In the Roznik  VII the two scholars from the Lublin University, have documented 35 gravestones from this period. Among these:

  • the oldest gravestone from 1728 of Ita, daughter of Jakob. 
  • the gravestones of Rabbi Noach Abraham (Row 17, Grave 14) and his wife   the Rebbetzin Devorah (Row 17, Grave 15)

The Years 1800 – 1850
Row 17, Grave 8:  Zvi Eliyakim, son of Moshe Arie, died in January 1837.
Row 31, Grave 3:   Rivka, daughter of Moshe David, died in March 1847.

The Years 1850- 1900
Row 16, Grave 12:  Natan Mordechai, son of  Moshe Yaakov, died in  May 1875.
Row 16, Grave 15:  Benjamin, son of Zvi Josef, died in January 1889.

The Years 1900 - September 1914
Row 16, Grave 2 : Chaia Ester, daughter of  Zvi HaLevi, died on Yom Kippur 1904.
Row 16, Grave 34: Rivka,  daughter of Meir, died in the summer of 1914.

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