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March 2016:

Sara ROST, born 1888 in Lubaczow, was the daughter of Noach and Rachel ROST.
Her husband was Rabbi  Moses BABAD, born 1881 in Jassy, Romania.
The couple had two sons - Josef BABAD born 1905 in Lubaczow, and Feiwel BABAD born 1913 in Lubaczow.
The parents were deported from Wien and murdered in Majdanek. 
The sons survived.
The following entry on Wikipedia can be found for the oldest son

BABAD is an interesting family name, an acronym for Bnei Av Beit Din (Sons of the head of the rabbinical court). Thanks to Neil Rosenstein for telling me this.
From the Jewish Virtual Library we learn:

BABAD, a family of rabbis. The founder of the family was Isaac of Cracow, son of Issachar Berish, a parnas of the Council of Four Lands, and grandson of Heschel, av bet din of Cracow. He served as rabbi of Brzezany and then of Brody, where he died in 1704. His children added the word Babad (an acronym of Benei Av Bet Din, "children of the av bet din") to their signatures, and it eventually became their surname.

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