Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mendel Lehrer from the Pages of Testimony

There are more than 600 Pages of Testimony for Holocaust victims from Lubaczow submitted by Mendel LEHRER who in 1957 lived in Bazel Street, Tel Aviv.

On one hand I am grateful for all the Pages he submitted. On the other hand I understand the limitations of one person trying to remember that many persons from his hometown.

I also wanted to make the connection between him and his ancestors buried at the cemetery in Lubaczow.

From the Pages of Testimony I found that his parents were Mordechai Zeew LEHRER and Tauba Rifka LEHRER nee KORN.
Mordechai Zeew appears as Markus Wolf in other records.
Mendel had a married brother named Fiszel Fischel LEHRER.

His paternal grandparents were  Moses Dawid LEHRER born ca 1835, who died in 1915, and  Chana LEHRER nee KOENIG, born ca 1849, who died in 1925.

Moses Dawid LEHRER is buried on Row 10, Grave 4 = Row 11, Grave 6.

Chana LEHRER nee KOENIG is buried on Row 7, Grave 4.

On Mendel LEHRER's Pages for his close family, we see that he was married to Feiga nee STEINBRUCH, born ca 1910,  and they had a four year old daughter named Reizel. He listed both Feiga and Reizel as murdered in Holocaust, and wrote that he himself was in Eretz Israel.

For his brother Fiszel Fischel LEHRER , he wrote that Fiszel was around 40 years old, a merchant,  when he was murdered and that Fischel's wife and children were in Eretz Israel.

My theory at this point is that Mendel LEHRER may have left Lubaczow around 1936/1937, hoping to obtain certificates for his family to come to Eretz Israel.

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