Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sara Laja FRÄNKEL, married PARNES (ca 1893 - 1920)

March 2016

The Fast of Gedalia is on the 3rd of Tishrei , but on the 4th of Tishrei, if the 3rd falls on a shabat.

My entry for GRAVE 3, ROW 32 is one of the unidentified graves.

I had written that Sara was the daughter of Abraham when I first indexed this grave, but perhaps this is my mistake? If we recheck this grave, it may be that the person buried here is Sara  daughter of Shalom or Shulim.

On Wednesday September 15th 1920, which corresponds to the Fast of Gedalia that year, Sara Laja FRÄNKEL died. She was 27 years old, the daughter of Salem (sometimes written as Szulim) and Perla FRÄNKEL and married to Natan PARNES, according to the Death Register.

Perhaps we will be able to identify this grave, based on the Fast of Gedalia?

In 2016 the Fast of Gedalia will be observed  on Oct 5th  (3rd of Tishrei)
In 2017 the Fast of Gedalia will be observed on  September 24th (4th of Tishrei, a Sunday).

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