Saturday, April 23, 2016

The KUDLER family

According to the Lubaczow death register Mendel ( Menachem) KUDLER died on April 30th 1921. He was only 35 years old and the son of Moses Chanoch and Judes KUDLER. His son Dawid wrote in a testimony that his father died of typhus while travelling to buy horses for the farm.

He had been married to Bronia Bronislawa nee HAUSER and together they had five children. They lived in Baznia Dolna. Their youngest child was Dawid Saul KUDLER  born April 20th 1920 in Baznia Dolna.

The location of Mendel KUDLER's grave is not certain.

After Mendel died, Bronislawa Bronia married Mieczyslaw HUETNER (HITNER?) and the family lived on a farm in Rozborz, close to Jaroslaw.

Two of the children, a son and a daughter, managed to emigrate to Eretz Israel before the war.

The three other children - Irena, Mieczyslaw and Dawid - were studying and working in Krakow, and the mother and stepfather were living at the farm in Rozborz. 

After the war broke out, the children returned to their mother, as their stepfather, an officer, had already been called to the Polish Army.

Later Dawid KUDLER moved back to Krakow where he worked as a painter for a German firm. He continued to work there even after March 1943 when he had to live in the ghetto in Podgorze. 

Later he was transferred to the Plaszow ghetto and  then towards the end of 1943 to Czestochowa, working as a painter, and then to Buchenwald. In March 1945 he and the other prisoners were transferred to Bergen Belsen where he was liberated by the British on his birthday  April 20th 1945.

His mother Bronia, his stepfather Mieczyslaw HUETNER (HITNER?,  his brother Mieczyslaw KUDLER  and sister Irena KUDLER  were all murdered in Holocaust.

On June 26th 1946 Dawid KUDLER arrived in Haifa.

His brother Arie, affectionately called Lonek, was born in Jaroslaw in 1916 and had managed to emigrate to Eretz Israel in the 1930's. On May 25th 1948, following the foundation of the State of Israel, he was drafted into the Israeli Army. He fell in battle on July 30th 1948 and was first buried at Mishmar Haemek and in 1950 reburied at the military cemetery at Nachalat Yitzchak in Tel Aviv.

Dawid Kudler married, had children.  He gave a testimony in Hebrew back in 2004. I have extracted most of the information here.

Dawid Kudler died on April 20th 2014, on his 94th birthday, according to  a death notice on the internet.