Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The missing grave of Chaja KARTIGANER who died in 1940

Chaja Chaya KARTIGANER/ KARTAGINER/ KARTYGANER/ KARTAGANER  was born in Ulanow, probably between 1860 - 1870. 

She was married to Moshe ROSENMUND. He died before the war.

Among their children was the son Dovid Dawid KARTIGANER. He was married to Frajdel Fradel  Freidel KELCZ from Lubaczow. They lived in Lubaczow with their four children Samuel Moses, Zelda,  Mendel (Cheskel)  and Meszl.

In the autumn of 1939, Chaja Chaya  was staying with her son's family in Lubaczow. 

In the beginning of 1940 Chaja died in Lubaczow and was buried there. 

The location of Chaja’s grave in Lubaczow is unknown.

Dovid Dawid, his wife Frajdel Fradel and their four children hid in the forests around Lubaczow. 

They were discovered by the Germans and shot, either in 1944 or in the spring of 1945. 

When and where exactly this happened is unknown.

In memory of Chaja Chaya  KARTIGANER  who died in 1940 in Lubaczow and of her son from Lubaczow, Dovid Dawid  Kartiganer, and his wife Fraidel Kartiganer nee Kelcz, and their young children Shmuel Moshe / Samuel Moses,  Zelda, Mendel Cheskel (Yecheskel), and Meshele Meszel who were murdered  by the Nazis in 1944 or 1945 while hiding around Lubaczow.