Friday, June 1, 2018


Following an enquiry from a relative, here is a list of those who died in Lubaczow during the years August 1914 to December 1938.
For the children who died in 1915 there are no gravestones. This seems to have been a local custom. Was there originally a special part of the cemetery where the children were buried? I don't know.
Some background information about the year 1915 in Lubaczow

Some of the graves of grownups have been located, but not all.

Pajsach SPIELMAN was two months old when he died in March 1915.
            His parents were Salomon and Rachel SPIELMAN.

Hena SPIELMAN was 6 years old when she died in 1915.
            Her parents were Izak and Itta SPIELMAN.

Gitla SPIELMAN was 4 years when she died in 1915.
            Her parents were Hersch and itta SPIELMAN.

Itta SPIELMAN nee TEPPICH was born in 1884 and died in 1915.

Rosa SPIELMAN nee SCHAECHTER was born ca 1876 and died in 1921.
           She was the daughter of Hersz and Rojza SCHAECHTER. 
           Her grave

Izak SPIELMAN was born ca 1860 and died in 1922.
           He was the son of Moses and Gitla SPIELMAN.
           His grave

Josef SPIELMAN was born ca 1871 and died in 1926.

Ruchla SPIELMAN nee ZIMERMAN was born ca 1861 and died in 1931.
          Her parents were Hersz and Gitla ZIMERMAN.
          Her grave

In the 1929 Business directory there are two tailors listed