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YIZKOR list from 1954: FARBER

'פרבר, משה, פיגה, לייזר ומשפ

English transcription

FARBER Moshe, Feige, Leizer and family

Likely versions of the names back in Lubaczow:

FARBER Moses / Mojzesz / Mosche
FARBER Feige / Feiga
FARBER Leiser / Leizer

This is one of the families on the Yizkor list I have problems finding additional information about. Were they relatives of families from Lubaczow?

YIZKOR list from 1954: EISENSTEIN

 'אייזנשטיין, ליפא, אידל, בילה ומשפ

English transcription:
EISENSTEIN Lipe, Eidel, Beile and family

Possible spellings of names back in Lubaczow:
EISENSTEIN Eidel / Eidla
EISENSTEIN Beila / Beile

We have not found that relatives have not submitted Pages of Testimony for these three, only M.Lerer, the community member who left Lubaczow in the second half of the 1930's.
Lipe Leser EISENSTEIN had been trading in iron, according to the business registry from 1929.  Side note:"Eisen" in German is "iron" in English.

YIZKOR list from 1954: EISEN

'אייזן, שמואל, אטל, יוסף-צבי ומשפ

English transcription:

EISEN Shmuel, Etel, Josef-Zvi and family

Likely versions of spelling of these names back in Lubaczow:

EISEN Szmul / Schmul /Samuel
EISEN Etel / Ettel
EISEN Josef- Zvi / Jozef- Hersch / Jozef -Hirsch / Jozef- Hirsz

Pages of Testimony  submitted by Uri Roth:
Samuel EISEN , born 1894 in Rawa Ruska, paint merchant, married to Etel nee ROTH.
Etel EISEN nee ROTH, born 1895 in Lubaczow. Samuel and Etel were the parents of Josef-Zvi, born around 1939.
Uri Roth was the brother of Etel EISEN nee ROTH.

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YIZKOR list from 1954: Another DRUCKER family

'דרוקר, גרשון, מרדכי, לייבוש, פייוול, משה, פייגה, בנציון, יצחק ומשפ

English transcription:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Gershon, Mordechai, Leibush, Feivel, Moshe, Feige, Benzion, Yitzchak and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Gerszon / Gerschon 
DRUCKER Mordche / Mordko   
DRUCKER  Leib /Leibisz / Leibisch
DRUCKER  Feiwel / Feiwisch / Fejbel
DRUCKER Moses / Mosche / Mojzesz
DRUCKER Feiga / Fajga
DRUCKER Isak / Isaak

No Page of Testimony for Gerszon DRUCKER / DRUKER, but could this be his grave?
Did he die in 1931?

This is the grave of Gerszon's wife Margule Margula DRUKER who died in 1915.

Page of Testimony submitted by a niece, in Hebrew, for Mordechai DRUCKER, son of Arie (Leib??) and Gitel DRUCKER, married to Chaja Riva DRUCKER, two children.

Page of Testimony submitted by M. Lerer, a community member, for the baker Fejbel DRUKER, a widower, around 70 years old ( born around 1870?).

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his father Mosze DRUCKER, born 1888, son of Shraga ( Fejbel?)  and Chaja DRUCKER, a baker by profession, married to Zipora ( Feiga?)  nee FINK, lived in Przemysl.

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his mother Feiga Zipora DRUCKER , born 1890.

David DRUCKER also submitted Pages of Testimony for his siblings:
        Ida Ita DRUCKER born 1912 in Cieszanow
        Syma DRUCKER born 1915 in Lubaczow
        Chaja DRUCKER born 1918 in Przemysl
        Efraim DRUCKER born 1922 in Przemysl, a baker

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his uncle Benzion DRUCKER, born 1892, a baker in Lubaczow, married  with four children.

Page of Testimony submitted by David DRUCKER for his uncle Izak DRUCKER, born 1905, a baker, married to Miriam, two children.

This looks like a couple named Arie ( Leib?) and Gitel DRUCKER / DRUKER had the following sons:

Gerszon DRUCKER 
Mordechai  ( Markus?) DRUCKER

YIZKOR list from 1954: One DRUCKER family

דרוקר, יוסף, בריינדלה,בלומה, חיה, רחל ומש

English transcription:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Josef, Breindla, Bluma, Chaya, Rachel and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCKER / DRUKER Jozef / Josef
DRUCKER / DRUKER Breindla / Breindel / Brandla
DRUCKER / DRUKER Bluma / Blima

According to the Lubaczow Death Registry Jozef DRUCKER, born ca 1879, died in Lubaczow in 1936. He was married to Breindla Brandla nee KUPFERSCHMIED. His grave has not been located.

Pages of Testimony were submitted by community member M. Lerer for  Breindel, Bluma, Chaja and Rachel, but no relatives have submitted Pages.
What happened to these four women?

YIZKOR list from 1954: DRUCK

'דרוק, דוד, דבורה ומשפ

English transcription:

DRUCK,  David , Dvorah and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DRUCK , Dawid
DRUCK, Dwojra

Community member M. Lerer wrote Pages of Testimony for Dawid  and Dwojra Druck, but I could not find any Pages submitted by family members.  What happened to this couple and their children?

Dawid DRUCK had a business for leather and/or furs in Lubaczow.

Dawid DRUCK was born in 1889, married to Dwojra nee LEHRER and they had at least four sons and one daughter born between 1917 - 1934.

YIZKOR from 1954: DORNER


'דורנר, צבי, קיילה, נתן ומשפ

English transcription:

DORNER Zvi , Keila , Nathan and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DORNER, Zwi / Hersch / Hersz
DORNER Kejla / Kajla
DORNER Natan / Nathan

In the following blogpost you will discover that Kejla DORNER  died in 1939 and has a gravestone in Lubaczow. There is also additional information about this family.

Zvi  Hersch and Kejla DORNER's daughter Anna married FROSTIG submitted Pages of Testimony for her brother Natan DORNER, born 1910, a coal merchant , married , and for her brother Moshe DORNER, born 1927, in addition to Pages for other relatives, but Anna Frostig did not submit Pages for her parents.  

From the Lubaczow Death Registry we learn that several of the  children  of Hersch and Kejla DORNER died young:
Jacob DORNER ( ca 1907 - 1915)
Chaja Ita DORNER ( ca 1919 - 1915)
Benjamen DORNER ( 1917-1917)
Selig DORNER (1923-1923)

YIZKOR list from 1954 :DOMINITZ

'דומיניץ שמואל, רייזל, חיים,משה, פרדל ומשפ

English transcription: 

DOMINITZ Shmuel , Reizel, Chaim, Moshe,  Fredel and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DOMINITZ Reisla / Reizla
DOMINITZ Fredel / Frieda

Based on Pages of Testimony submitted by relatives, Samuel DOMINITZ was born in Radymno in 1874. 
He married Reizla Reisla nee SILBERSTEIN, born 1880 in Lubaczow. 
They had the following three children who were married before the Holocaust:

Chaim Jakob DOMINITZ born 1899, married with three children.

Fredel  Frieda  TEICHER / TAJCHER nee DOMINITZ born 1903, married with at least two children .

Moshe Moses DOMINITZ born 1910, married , with at least one child born before the Holocaust.

YIZKOR list from 1954: DICKER


'דיקר, מאיר הלוי,פרל, מרים, משה, אליעזר,ישראל ומשפ

English transcription:

DICKER Meir Halevi, Perl, Miriam, Moshe, Eliezer, Israel and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

DICKER Meier / Majer
DICKER Perl  / Perla
DICKER  Mirjam
DICKER  Moses / Mosche / Mojzesz
DICKER Israel / Izrael

I have not found Pages of Testimony for these family members, except for - perhaps  - Moses DICKER.

A person named Abysch (Aba/ Abusz) DICKER was born in 1885 in Narol, the son of Moses DICKER and Chaja nee SILBERMAN. Abysch married Rifka Rachel nee BACH and they had at least three children - Cywie DICKER, Aron DICKER and Matel Breindel DICKER. Abysch DICKER died in Lubaczow in 1934. A cousin of the children, submitted Pages for Cywie, Aron and their mother Rachel DICKER, using the spelling DYKER. What happened to Matel Breindel DICKER?

The ( same?)  Moses DICKER (in a second ,marriage? Or is this another Moses DICKER?) was married to Reisla Malka nee BULZ and they had at least two children: Jakob DICKER born 1910 and Frimet DICKER married ENTENBERG born 1913.

Any additional info about this family is welcome.

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'ברונר, אביש,אליעזר, יעקב ומשפ

English transcription:

BRUNNER/BRUNER  Abish, Eliezer, Yaakov and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BRUNNER / BRUNER   Aba / Abusz 
BRUNNER / BRUNER Leizer / Leiser
BRUNNER / BRUNER  Jakub / Jakob

Aba Abusz BRUNER was married to Szifra BRUNER nee KREMERMAN. Abusz BRUNER was a wealthy wood merchant.

From another website I have about Lubaczow, you can read about this family

Abusz and Szifra BRUNNER with their granddaughter  Mala  Malka BLUMENBERG, the daughter of Eizik BLUMENBERG and Lea Laura BLUMENBERG nee BRUNNER.

YIZKOR from 1954: A second BRAND family

A BRAND family listed on a separate line:


'ברנד, יונה, איטה-רייזל, חיה -רויזה, משה -יצחק ומשפ

English transcription:

BRAND Jona, Ita-Reizel, Chaya-Royza, Moshe-Yitzchak and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BRAND Ita-Reizel
BRAND Chaja - Rojza
BRAND Moses - Isak / Mosche- Isaak/ Mojzesz - Izak

I have found no Pages submitted by family members, but M. Lerer, the community member who escaped to Eretz Israel before the Holocaust, submitted Pages, listing:

Jona BRAND born ca 1890
Ita Reizel BRAND born ca 1902
Chaja Rojza BRAND born ca 1924
Mala BRAND born ca 1929
Moses Isak BRAND born ca 1932

I have not found information confirming if and when this family lived in Lubaczow, but hope you may help.

YIZKOR list from 1954: One BRAND family


'ברנד, הלל,גליקל, אברהם,אריה, פישל, רחל ומשפ

English transcription

BRAND Hilel, Glickel, Avraham, Arieh, Fischel, Rachel and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BRAND Glikel / Glükla    ( perhaps mistake for Gitel BRAND?)
BRAND Abraham
BRAND Arie /  (Leib?)
BRAND Fischel / Fiszel
BRAND Rachel

Hilel BRAND , son of Szaja and Glueckla BRAND, was born  around 1867, and died in 1934 / 1935.

Hilel BRAND's wife was born around 1862 as Gitla SAUERBRUN. She died in 1919.

The other names may be children and their spouses, but I have not found any sources for them.

YIZKOR from 1954: BOGNER


'בוגנר, מנדל, חנה,יצחקת צפורה ומשפ

English transcription:

BOGNER Mendel, Chana, Yitzchak, Zippora and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BOGNER Mendel              ( Menachem?)
BOGNER Chana               ( Hena??)
BOGNER Izak / Isak / Izaak / Isaak
BOGNER  Feiga / Feige

Mendel and Chana BOGNER lived in Lubaczow. 
In 1915 their son Simon  Meschel BOGNER, born in 1893, died. We have not located Simon's grave, so far.

In 1919  Hena BOGNER,  born ca 1864, the daughter of Simon and Feiga SILBER, the wife of Mendel BOGNER, died. My theory is that Hena is Chana and that Mendel and Chana BOGNER's son Simon was named after his maternal grandfather Simon SILBER. 

A daughter-in-law of Chana and Mendel BOGNER, Rachel BOGNER nee SCNECK, submitted a Page of Testimony for her sister-in-law Feiga BOGNER

A son of Chana and Mendel BOGNER, Asher BOGNER, submitted a Page of Testimony for his sister Zipora Feiga BOGNER, born in 1898 in Lubaczow, a seamstress, She was not married, lived in Lubaczow and was in Lwow/Lviv during the war.

The fact that Asher BOGNER did not submit Pages for his parents seem to indicate that they both had died before the Holocaust.

But who was Isak/ Yitzchak BOGNER?

A brother of Hena BOGNER nee SILBER ; Jakob SILBER, died at the age of 79 in 1936. This may perhaps be his grave

YIZKOR list from 1954:: BODENSTEIN


'בודנשטיין, שמחה ומשפ

English transcription:

BODENSTEIN Simcha and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BODENSTEIN, Simcha / Symcha / Simche

There were several BODENSTEIN families in Lubaczow before the Holocaust, but I cannot find Simche /Simcha BODENSTEIN.

A person named Symche BODENSTEIN from Narol, born in 1894, a flour merchant, is listed on a Page of Testimony but if this is the same person mentioned in this Yizkor list, is not clear.

Yizkor list from1954: BLUMENFELD


'בלומנפלד, וולף,חוה,ברל, יהושע, פישל,אנשלת זלטה ומשפ
English transcription:

BLUMENFELD Wolf, Chava, Berl, Yehushua, Fishel, Anshel, Zlata and family (from Most Katan)

Ways these names might have been written back in Galicja:

WOLKENFELD Chava / Chawa
WOLKENFELD Yehoshua / Osias / Osziaz / Ozias
WOLKENFELD Fischel / Fiszel
WOLKENFELD Anschel / Anszel
WOLKENFELD Zlata        (Golda?)

Looking through my records, I have found  no BLUMENFELD family in Lubaczow.
Could it be, that those mentioned above were relatives of a family from Lubaczow?

Where was Most Katan? (Katan is small in Hebrew)

According to Where We Once Walked by Mokotoff and Amdur Sack this must be Mosty Male , around 50 km NE of Lubaczow. Mosty Male had  a Jewish population of 147 before the Holocaust. 



'בלומנברג, יצחק-אייזיק, לאה'צה, דוב ומשפ

English transcription:

BLUMENBERG Yitzchak-Aizik, Lea'che, Dov and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

BLUMENBERG Eizik / Ajzik
BLUMENBERG Lea'che / Lea                 Laura

Eisik BLUMENBERG  was born around 1890 and married Laura BRUNER, the daughter of Abusz BRUNER from Lubaczow. He and his wife had at least two daughters - Rachel and Malka. According to Pages of Testimony submitted by the niece of Eisik BLUMENBERG, Eisik, Laura and their two daughters were murdered in Zloczow.

Shlomo Helsinger told me the following:
"The Blumenberg  shop, a Galanteria, was at the Rynek. It was a big shop. There were textiles and a parfumery. Elegant clothes. I worked there from the age of 13, after my father had died. The father in the Blumenberg family was Ajzik, his wife was Lea'che nee BRUNNER and they had three children - Berl, Mali and an older daughter I do not remember the name of."

YIZKOR list from 1954: BLEIBERG


'בלייברג, ישראל,שרה, צלובה, שבע, רגינה, אטל, פסל ומשפ

English transcription:

BLEIBERG Israel, Sara, Sluwa, Szewa, Regina, Etel, Pesel and family

Likely versions, used back in Lubaczow:

BLEIBERG Sluwa /Celuwa / Cluwe
BLEIBERG Szewa    (Eliszewa)
BLEIBERG Etel / Etla
BLEIBERG Pesel / Pessel /  Pesla

No relatives seem to have submitted Pages of Testimony for this family, only community member M. Lerer who left Lubaczow towards the end of the 1930's, submitted Pages for Israel, Sara, Celuwa, Szewa and Pesel.
He writes the family name as BLAJBERG.

He submitted another two Pages for the sons of Pesel BLEIBERG ( he estimated she was around 70 years old when she was murdered)  - the horsedealers Aba BLEIBERG  ( born around 1900) and Mosche BLEIBERG ( born around 1905).

If you have any additional information about this family, please contact us.


'בלנקנהמר, יואל ומשפ

English transcription:
BLANKENHAMER Joel and family

Joel BLANKENHAMER was originally from Uhnov, born around 1884, married to Rachel nee HELLER. They had at least four children: 

Joel BLANKENHAMER died in Lubaczow in 1938, only 54 years old. He was not a Holocaust victim, but what happened to his wife and children?

In the 1929 Business Directory for Lubaczow we find:
BLANKENHAMER   Piekarnie Baker
                Could this have been Joel BLANKENHAMER who died in 1938, 54                    years old?
                Community member M. Lerer listed him on a Page of Testimony.                    Could it be Lerer left Lubaczow before Joel BLANKENHAMER's                        death in 1938?

Joel Blankenhamer's grave has not been located.

YIZKOR list from 1954:BERN


'ברן, שמעון, גיטל ומשפ

English transcription:

BERN Shimon, Gitel and family

Versions that may have been used back then  in Lubaczow:

BERN, Simon / Szymon
BERN Gitel / Gitla

There is only a single Page of Testimony for Simon BERN from Lubaczow., It was submitted by researcher Julia Radtke in Berlin in 2010.

From other sources we know that Simon/ Szymon BERN and his wife Gitla nee KATZ had at least three children -  Abraham Joel BERN who died as a baby and  two daughters Chana and Hena.

Did the two daughters survive or are they included in "and family"?

Yizkor list from 1954: BERGER

'ברגר, לאה'צה ומשפ

English transcription:

BERGER Lea'che and family

Possible versions of how the name was written back in Lubaczow:

BERGER  Lea / Leja  /  Lej'che / Lejcze

In this case, there seems to be no PAGE of Testimony submitted by relatives, but community member M. Lerer wrote that Lejcze BERGER was around 65 years old in 1942, a widow with two daughters and a son, with a grocery store.

Rechecking this information carefully, here is my present theory:

There was a couple  in Lubaczow named Feiwel BERGER and Reizla nee SALZBERG. Feiwel was born around 1885 and  died in 1927.

If Reizla did not remarry after 1927, Reizla BERGER would have been a widow . Did she have a grocery store? I have found no listings for a grocery store run in Lubaczow by BERGER or SALZBERG.

Reizla BERGER nee SALZBERG may have been around 65 years old in 1941/1942.

One of  Reizla and Fajwel's daughters was named Leja BERGER, born 1911.

Could community member M. Lerer have mixed up the names of the mother and the daughter?

YIZKOR list from 1954: BELZ

'בלץ, אריה,חנה,לאה,יחיאל, לאה ומשפ
English transcription:

BELZ Arieh, Chana, Lea, Yechiel, Lea and family

Versions that may have been used back in Lubaczow:

BELZ,  Leib  Leib'ele  Arie
BELZ, Chana
BELZ Lea / Laja
BELZ Chiel  
BELZ Laja / Lea

Could Arie  and Chana BELZ be Leib BELZ (born 1867), and Chana nee GÄRTNER (born 1866)?

From  Pages of Testimony submitted by Chana's grandson Meir Nussbaum:

1. Chana Ita BELZ nee GÄRTNER, born around 1865, married to Arie , had a coffee shop. According to the Page, she had become a widow in 1938 when her husband died.
My theory is that  Arie Leib died in 1939 and that this is his gravestone

2. Jechiel BELZ, born 1898,  son of Arie Leib and Chana BELZ,  a merchant, was married to Lea Laja BELZ,( born ca 1905). They had  two children (Hinda BELZ and Moshe BELZ).

3. Arie Leib and Chana had a daughter named Laja SCHMIDT nee BELZ, born around 1878, married to Salomon SCHMIDT. 
Laja SCHMIDT nee BELZ died in 1924. Her grave has not been located.

There are Pages  submitted for Salomon SCHMIDT and their two daughters  Susel SCHMIDT born in 1922 and Tauba Jona SCHMIDT  born 1924 by Meir Nussbaum. 
An additional Page for a son named Josef SCHMIDT (born around 1932?) does not seem correct if 1. Laja died in 1924 and 2. if Salomon SCHMIDT did not remarry after 1924. Perhaps it is a Jozef Schmidt with other parents?

In 1924 Mala BELZ nee HOLZBERG, the wife of Mojzesz Kalman BELZ died.
She was 80 years old, born around 1844. She must have become the mother of Leib BELZ born 1867, when she was around 22 or 23 years old

In 1938 died Scheindel Szajndla GOTTLIEB nee BELZ, the daughter of  Moses Kalman and Mala BELZ. Scheindel  Szajndla was born  ca 1877 and married to Boruch GOTTLIEB,

YIZKOR list from 1954: BEER

'בר, בריינדל ומשפ

My original English transcription was:
BAR Breindel and family

Checking additional sources in 2019, I now understand the family name is BEER or BER.

BEER/BER, Breindel and family.

Community member M. Lerer is the only person who wrote a Page of Testimony for her. He wrote that Breindel Beer was a widow and that she was around 40 years old. Who had she been married to? When did her husband die? Who were their children? 

YIZKOR list from 1954: BAKANOWSKI

 Hebrew :

'בקנבסקי, יצחק, חיה -מירל ומשפ 

My original transcription was:

BAKNIWSKI Yitzchak, Chaya-Mirel and family

After rechecking the family name in different sources now in 2019, I discovered the family name is BAKANOWSKI

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:


There were no Pages of Testimony submitted by relatives for this couple and their children, but community member M. Lerer who escaped to Eretz Israel in the late 1930's and submitted many Pages of Testimony, wrote that Isaak BAKANOWSKI was a Torah scribe, a SOFER.

Isaak BAKANOWSKI was born in 1891 and his wife Chaja Mirla nee SCHNEIDER was born in 1890. They had at least two daughters.

Isaak  BAKANOWSKI's parents were Israel BAKANOWSKI and Scheindel nee GOTTESMANN  who must have lived in nearby Oleszyce, according to JRI-Poland.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019



'אשכנזי, משה-דוד ומשפ

English transcription:

ASCHKENAZY Moshe David and family

Likely versions of the name back then in Lubaczow:

ASCHKENAZY / ASZKENAZY Moses Dawid / Mojzesz Dawid

The Aszkenazy family owned a saw mill in Lubaczow, according to the 1929 Business Directory.

According to Pages of Testimony submitted by a cousin,  three brothers are listed as the sons of Moshe Dawid and Malka ASZKENAZY:

1. Zalman Arie ASZKENAZY born 1893 
2. Yehoshua ASZKENAZY born in 1898  
3. Shlomo Salomon ASZKENAZY born in 1916

We have not found any Page of Testimony submitted for Moshe David ASCHKENAZY. Based on the birth year of his oldest child born 1893, one could assume he was born around 1870, and would have been around 70 years when WWII started.

Syma Lea FRAENKEL nee ASZKENAZY / ASCHKENAZY, born in 1894, daughter of Moshe David ASZKENAZY and Malka nee RAMRAZ, married Moses FRÄNKEL in Lubaczow.

Did she manage to escape with her family? 

Could Bajla ROSLER nee ASZKENAZY, born 1911, in the following document from the USHMM  have come from this family? She was in Antwerpen, Belgium during the war.
Did she manage to escape with her family?

YIZKOR list from 1954: ALTMAN


'אלטמן,חיים-שמואל,אסתר-אטל, אלימלך, יעקב,שרה, חייפ-צבי, נתן, חנה, חנוך, מוטל ומשפ

English transcription:

ALTMAN Chaim-Shmuel, Ester-Etel, Elimelech, Jacob, Sara, Chaim-Zvi, Nathan, Chana, Chanoch, Motel and family.

Likely versions of writing these names back in Lubaczow:

ALTMAN  Elimelech / Meilech
ALTMAN Jakob / Jakub
ALTMAN Chaim  Hersz / Chaim Hersz
ALTMAN Nathan / Nusyn
ALTMAN Chanoch
ALTMAN Motel    (Mordechai?)

No relatives seem to have submitted Pages of Testimony to Yad Vashem for this family.

There is one Page of Testimony submitted for Chaim ALTMAN, a merchant, married to  Ester Etil, by community member M. Lerer.

Could the family have moved away from Lubaczow before the Holocaust?

YIZKOR list from 1954: ADLER


'אדלר, מנדל, חנלה, צבי, דוד-שמואל, אלקה,מאיר ומשפ

English transcription:

ADLER Mendel, Channale, Zvi, David-Shmuel, Elka, Meir and family

Likely versions used back in Lubaczow:

ADLER Mendel   (Menachem?)
ADLER Chana / Chana'le
ADLER Dawid Samuel

Mendel ADLER died in 1933.

Note: The fact that Mendel BOGNER is on the Yizkor list and died in 1933, is one of the reasons I believe the Yizkor list also includes names of persons who died before the Holocaust. In this case, relatives in Israel in the 1950's had no possibility to visit Mendel BOGNER's grave in Lubaczow and would commemorate him in Israel during the Lubaczow Landsmanschaft meetings. Do you agree?

When did Chana ADLER die?

Cwi ADLER's Page of Testimony was submitted by a relative named Scheindel ADLER.

David Shmuel ADLER's Page of Testimony was submitted by the same relative, Scheindel ADLER.

David ADLER's second Page of Testimony was submitted by his brother-in-law Shlomo ADLER and includes the names of the three children of David and Elka ADLER - Moshe ADLER ,Yehuda Zvi ADLER and Mindel ADLER.

Elka ADLER nee LEVI's Page of Testimony was submitted by her relative Scheindel ADLER.

Elki ADLER nee LEVI's Page of Testimony was submitted by her brother Shlomo LEVI.

Majer ADLER's Page of Testimony was submitted by his cousin Shlomo ADLER. 

Keila DORNER nee ADLER was a daughter of Mendel and Channale ADLER. She is listed under DORNER on the YIZKOR list with her husband and one of their sons.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

YIZKOR list from 1954. Religious leaders mentioned.

The Yizkor List starts with the following text.

My own translation of this is:

The honest and pious
Zaddikim and Chassidim,
the men, women and children of the holy community
of the town Lubaczow in Eastern Galicia
May Their Souls Be Bound Up In The Bond Of Life
Merciful God in Heaven, grant
Perfect repose in the wings of the Schechina
of the holy and pure persons as the firmament
the skies will light
the souls of the illustrious and famous rabbis
great in Torah who served on the chair of the rabbinate
for many years in the holy community of Lubaczow:

Rabbi Shmuel-Nachum Nathansohn
Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Teomim- Frenkel
Rabbi Yekutiel Schor
Rabbi Levi- Yitzchak Schor
Rabbi Bezalel Glanzberg Mu"Z ( Moreh Zedek)
Rabbi Issachar-Dov Rokach and Rabbi Shalom Rokach, descendants of the late Belzer rabbi.
When remembering these holy persons, we also remember those who died a natural death. May we never, with God's help, forget their names and memory.

Out of the  rabbis mentioned above, we know from Pages of Testimony submitted to Yad Vashem that two were murdered in the Holocaust:
Rabbi Levi-Yitzchak SCHOR and Rabbi Shalom ROKACH.

Possible leads for further research.

From JRI Poland, we learn that Simche/Symche NATHANSOHN, born 1871, from Lubaczow, son of Samuel and Pesie NATHANSOHN, married Siesel GOLDBERG in Stryj in 1898.

The wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel TEOMIM-FRENKEL ,  Rebbetzin Beila, died in 1908 and is buried in this cemetery, but we have not located the rabbi's grave.

It is possible that Rabbi Yekutiel SCHOR is buried on Row 1, Grave 18, next to Moshe KOENIG. It is difficult to read the text on that particular gravestone. Hopefully a future visitor  will be able to verify if this is Rabbi Yekutiel SCHOR's grave.

The family name GLANZBERG  appears, so far, 

1. in the Lubaczow Yizkor list: 

    GLANZBERG, Leib, Eisig and family.

2. the death of Sara Keila GLANZBERG nee REICH, wife of Eisig GLANZBERG.

    She died in 1915 in Lubaczow at the age of 38. Born ca 1877.


3. In 1910, in Zborow, Israel Leibisch GLANZBERG,born 1884,(son of Zallel         GLANZBERG and Golda FRÄNKEL from Lubaczow) married Beile KAUFMANN,      born 1891, (daughter of Mendel and Reizel KAUFMANN).

4. In Uhnov in 1895 Riwka GLANZBERG  and her husband Uscher Sender              MARGULIES had twins, though only one twin survived - the daughter Beile.      Riwka GLANZBERG is listed as the daughter of Zallel and Golda                      GLANZBERG from Lubaczow.


The following graves in the cemetery, have connections to rabbis and rabbinical families:

YIZKOR list from 1954. An Introduction.

According to "Where Once We Walked," there were 1, 715 Jews in Lubaczow before the Holocaust.

I once translated a one-page Yizkor list for Lubaczow. The list, containing close to 860 persons, was finished in 1954, a project of the Israeli Lubaczower Landsmanschaft and its chairman, the late Uri Roth. The scribe who wrote the one-page list was the late Samuel S. Lieberman from Tel Aviv, originally from Cieszanow.

The list gives no indication of age or of internal family relationships ( parents, children, siblings, spouses ) of the victims. The words "and family" in the list seem to indicate there were additional family members whose names were forgotten or not known.

Because the names have been translated from Hebrew and the print in our copy was tiny, the spelling must be taken with much caution. Please send any corrections you can find to me: efloersheim (at)

My initial impression was that these names were the names of persons murdered in the Holocaust. Later I have understood that this is not always the case. 

1. Some of the religious leaders had died long before the Holocaust.

2. Some had died in the late thirties, even in the 1920's.

3. WWII broke out in September 1939. Some had died  between September 1939 and  December 1940, during the Soviet occupation.

Relatives who had managed to escape to Eretz Israel before the Holocaust and those Holocaust survivors who managed to get to Israel after the war, knew they had no possibility to go to Lubaczow to their family graves. There were of course no graves for those relatives who had been murdered in the Holocaust.

These members of the Israeli Lubaczower Landsmanschaft would get together and needed a way to commemorate their relatives without visiting the Lubaczow Jewish cemetery and without any graves for those murdered during the Holocaust.

I also believe they wanted to honor those religious leaders who had led and influenced their lives back in Lubaczow.

My theory today is that the Yizkor list composed in 1954 in Tel Aviv had three purposes,:
1. to give at least some of the relatives in Israel a symbolic way of commemorating their deceased family members buried in Lubaczow.
2. to honor the religious leaders  they had back in Lubaczow
3. to commemorate their murdered relatives and friends. This may have been the main purpose.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Three sons of Jozef and Chaja KATZ

My last blogpost was about the family of Berl KATZ.

The parents of Berl KATZ were Josef / Jozef KATZ and his wife Chaja nee RINDLER.

A rough estimate would give Jozef and Chaja's birth years around 1840 - 1845, and their year of wedding around 1863 - 1868.

From the fact that Berl named his oldest son Josef when he was born in 1904, we understand that Berl's father had died before 1904.

From the fact that their son Berl named his daughter born in 1914 Chaja, we understand that Chaja KATZ nee RINDLER had died before 1914.

The three sons we have found so far, all lived around Lubaczow , in Basznia, but had completely different fates.

Their youngest son, Hersch (Zvi)  KATZ, was born around 1889, and died, 26 years old in 1915. 1915 was the year that so many died in Lubaczow.

Their son Berl KATZ was born in 1874, was first married to Malka. After Malka's death in 1915,  Berl married Chaja. Berl was murdered in the Holocaust.

Their son Izrael / Israel KATZ was born either in 1864 or around 1869. He died in June 1936, either 67 or 72 years old.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Berl KATZ family

A letter from Argentina and then an email from a grandson caused me to look closer  at the family of Berl KATZ.

Berl KATZ was born in 1874 and was married twice.
His first wife Malka LUDNER/ LUDMER , died in 1915, only 32 years old.
With Malka he had the following children:
Jozef KATZ  born 1905
Tobias Jakob KATZ born 1907
Rachmiel KATZ born 1909
Mendel KATZ born 1911
Chaja KATZ born 1914

In 1923 he married his second wife Chaja GOLDSTEIN.
With Chaja he had the following children:
The twins Hersz and Moses Rabon KATZ  born in 1923. Moses died as a baby.
Rachel KATZ born 1926
Chaim Lazar KATZ born 1928
Ester Sara KATZ born 1932. Sara Ester died as a baby.

Berl KATZ' son from his first marriage, Mendel KATZ, born in 1911, managed to emigrate to Argentina in 1939. Mendel's brother Rajmiel/Rachmiel KATZ, born 1909, was already in Argentina.
So we now know that the two brothers Rajmiel/Rachmiel and Mendel KATZ survived by escaping to Argentina.
We also know that their sister Chaja, born in 1914, survived the Holocaust.

Can you help Mendel KATZ' daughter find out  what happened to the other siblings of her father?

Rachmiel KATZ submitted  Pages of Testimony for the following three  in 1979, one with his sister,  though the handwriting is not so clear:

1. His father Berl KATZ

2. His stepmother Chaja KATZ 

3. His brother Tobias KATZ

(Please correct me, if I am wrong.)

Josef KATZ
There is a Page for Josef KATZ born 1907 in Basnia Dolne, married to Eidel and with two young children, Yecheskel 11 and Zlata, 3 years old. They were in Wielkie Oczy during the war. There is no name of the parents of this Josef KATZ,  so it is not quite clear if this is Berl and Malka's oldest son who was born in 1905.

Is this Josef KATZ on that Page of Testimony,  indeed the son of Berl KATZ?