Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Hirschel families in Lubaczow and in Nowy Sacz

 Imagine a family story insisting that the bride and bridegroom who married  before WWII  actually were cousins. First cousins? Second cousins? Or not cousins at all?

If all the family members had survived, they would of course have solved this quite easily, giving us the details, but so many family members were murdered and among the Holocaust survivors most have by now died of old age, including the bridegroom.

Let us present the bride and bridegroom and perhaps somebody out there will be able to give us the information needed. One possibility is through a family branch that settled in Brazil around 1926.

The bride

Scheindel / Szajndel "Sabina" HIRSCHEL born 1912 ( according to a Nowy Sacz census), probably in Lubaczow. Her parents were Jakob Jankiel HIRSCHEL and his wife Chana or Chava or Eva or Sara KAUFMAN (STEINBERG?) .

The bridegroom

Israel "Zygmunt"  HIRSCHEL  born in  1910 (according to Nowy Sacz census) and probably in Nowy Sacz. His parents were Majer Meir HIRSCHEL and Rifka Ryfka HIRSCHEL. His father had a soap business in Nowy Sacz and he himself is listed as a tailor. 

The couple lived in Lubaczow before the war.

The couple lived in Nowy Sacz during the Holocaust

During the war, according to a Page of Testimony, they lived in Nowy Sacz with their little daughter.

Scheindel and Israel's daughter

Their daughter Mala or Malia (spelling?) was born around 1935, probably in Nowy Sacz.

The Holocaust

Scheindel Sabina  and their daughter Mala Malia HIRSCHEL were  murdered in Holocaust.

Israel survived the Holocaust, started a new family and named his two  children  after his parents - Meir and Rivka.

Is it possible that the two grandfathers Majer HIRSCHEL and Jakob HIRSCHEL were brothers? They seem to be more or less the same age, and therefore are most likely from the same generation.

What do we know about Jakob Jankiel HIRSCHEL from Lubaczow? His father was Aron Aharon HIRSCHEL and his mother may have been Szerze Scherze HIRSCHEL.

What do we know about Majer HIRSCHEL from Nowy Sacz? According to a Page of Testimony submitted by his son Israel Zygmunt  HIRSCHEL ( the bridegroom), Majer's parents were Wolf and Rifka HIRSCHEL.

If Majer and Jankiel are from the same generation, they are not brothers, but perhaps cousins?

This means that the bride and bridegroom Scheindel Sabina and Israel Zygmunt HIRSCHEL perhaps were second cousins, but not first cousins.

Do you have another solution?