Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018: What I would like to do around the cemetery in Lubaczow

1. If I had the opportunity, I would like to visit Lubaczow 
    once more.
    Here are some of what I would like to do there:

    a. Photograph the gravestones with a camera that would give 
        the exact GPS measurements. This will be of great help for 
        future visitors. 

    b. Come equipped with a list of elderly persons who died 
        between 1914 - 1938 and whose graves have not yet 
        been located.
        This list should be arranged to these parameters:
           *  given names of the deceased
        * given names of the father of the deceased
        * date of death, according to the civilian death register
        * date of death, approximate, according to the Hebrew calendar. 

    c. If anybody in Lubaczow would like to hear a lecture (unfortunately
       not in Polish, but in English) about what I have learnt over the years, 
       I will be honored to give such a lecture.

2. In general, giving a lecture about the Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow
    is important for me. I want to share some of what I have learnt
    during these years.
    Perhaps the result will be that others want to visit the Jewish 
    cemetery in Lubaczow? 
    Perhaps the result will be that others will feel inspired to"adopt" 
    another cemetery?         
    Perhaps the result will be that others also discover how much 
    there is to learn about Jewish culture and history through