Sunday, May 10, 2015

ROW 43, GRAVE 1 : Group Six (Reisel, daughter of Shlomo)

ROW 43, GRAVE 1 = ROW 41, GRAVE 1

Earlier I had written "Down" on this tombstone.

This time, in 2013,  I noted:
Sheindel, daughter of Zvi z"l, died Second day of Rosh Hashana 5697.
That is Sept 18th 1936.
This is probably the gravestone of Scheindla HARTMAN nee SPINDEL who died  in 1936 at the age of 90.

Scheindla HARTMAN was the maternal grandmother of Shlomo HELSINGER whom I met in Israel.
Scheindla HARTMAN was the mother-in-law of Josef HELSINGER who is buried in Row 4, Grave 13.
Scheindla HARTMAN was the mother of Chana HELSINGER nee HARTMAN who was murdered in Holocaust with her daughters and their families.

See ROW 41, GRAVE 1.

On the back of this stone was another stone standing in the wrong direction. The text there was:
Reisel daughter of Shlomo died Sh'vat 18th 5700. That is Jan 28th 1940, under the Soviet occupation.
This will now be considered the gravestone on ROW 43, GRAVE 1
It is Group Five: Died after dec 23rd 1938, but also Group Six: Difficult to identify

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