Sunday, August 9, 2015

A regional cemetery for both the town and surrounding villages

Till now, I imagined those buried at the cemetery in Lubaczow as residents of the town of Lubaczow. I had not given any thought to Jews living in the smaller villages around Lubaczow.

In the Lubaczow death registry there is one column for "Place of Origin" and one column for the place where the person was living.

When the place listed under "Living" is not Lubaczow, what does that mean?

If that place is Krakow or Przemysl or  Buczacz, does that mean the persons died there, possibly also was buried there, but that the authorities in Lubaczow were notified, because that person  earlier had lived in Lubaczow?

For Jews living in small villages,  the Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow must have been their regional cemetery. I imagine the person died in his/her village, and then was brought to Lubaczow for a Jewish burial.  

To get a feeling for where the villages listed in the death registry are located, I used  Google maps and found  the villages of Dachnow and Zaluze to the north of Lubaczow, Baznia Dolny to the east, and Krowica, Szczutkow, Ostrowiec, Lukawiec,Opaka and Bihale to the south.

                                     Dachnow, Zaluze

                                     LUBACZOW      Baznia Dolny

               Krowica, Szczutkow, Ostrowiec, Lukawiec,Opaka, Bihale 

There are quite a few listed as living in Cieszanow.
What is the explanation for them being listed in Lubaczow?
Cieszanow had a Jewish cemetery.
Was the person buried in Cieszanow, and only  the death registered in Lubaczow?
Or did the person die in Cieszanow and was then buried in Lubaczow because of family connections? Was the death registered in Lubaczow, only if the person was also buried tin Lubaczow?

One interesting example: Izak KORMAN was born in Cieszanow, lived in Cieszanow, but was buried in Lubaczow in 1918. On his gravestone it also says, in Hebrew letters, that he was from Cieszanow! It must have been important for the family to write this.

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