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In the Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv there are 29 names listed of persons who were born in Lubaczow and who lived in Germany before the Second World War.

You may  remember that in the autumn of 1938 Polish Jews were expelled from Germany. Many got stuck at the German Polish border at Zbaszyn/ Bentschen, often till the summer of 1939.

Among the Polish Jews registered as having been deported to Zbaszyn on Oct 28th 1938, the following eight were born in Lubaczow:

BODENSTEIN married KRAP , Helena , born 1894               Resident of Hamburg
DEUTEL , Isaak born  1899                                                       Resident of Hamburg
HELLER, Pinkas, born  1895                                                    Resident of Hamburg
                  Later in the Lodz ghetto
KELC, Josef, born  1896                                                             Resident of Herne 
KRAP nee BODENSTEIN, Helena , born  1894 (see above) Resident of Hamburg
KORN, Juda, born  1896                                                             Resident of  Stassfurt
LEISNER married ZINN, Anna, born  1899 (see below)        Resident of Hildesheim
ROST, Josef, born  1892                                                           Resident of Berlin
SCHEINDLING, Samuel, born  1890                                        Resident of Nuernberg
ZINN, Anna nee LEISNER , born  1899                                   Resident of Hildesheim

The following two were also born in Lubaczow, and were deported on Oct 28th 1938 to Poland. Because of the date Oct 28th 1938, my estimate is that they were first sent to Zbaszyn:

KATZ, Hermann, born  1880        Resident of Ludwigsburg and Ellingen a. Neckar
TISSER, Abraham Moses, born  1896                                     Resident of Dresden

Then I searched Pages of Testimony for these Holocaust victims to learn the names of their parents  and perhaps other relatives who may be buried at the cemetery in Lubaczow.

From Pages of Testimony:

Helene Helen KRAPP / KRAP was married to Max KRAPP and they had four children, all born in Germany:
Gisela born 1921
Erna born 1923
Paula born 1925
David born 1927.
The submitter did unfortunately not write down the names of Helen Krapp's parents, but we see from the Bundesarchiv that her maiden  name was BODENSTEIN.
I cannot find a Page of Testimony for Max Krapp, but Helene Krapp and her four children were murdered in Holocaust.

Isaak DEUTEL was married to Lea Chana DEUTEL nee REISER, born 1906, and they had two children :
Bella born 1931
Josef born 1936.
The submitter, Isaak DEUTEL's brother-in-law, did not know the names of Isaak's parents, but he wrote that Isaak DEUTEL was in Lubaczow during the war. Was he there with his wife and children? All four in this family died in the Holocaust.
Thought: Could Isaak's parents have been Josef and Beile DEUTEL? Josef DEUTEL, born ca 1865,  died in 1931, so a grandson named Josef DEUTEL born in 1936, would follow the Ashkenazi naming traditions. Naming their daughter Beile DEUTEL when she was born in 1931, would then mean that the grandmother had died before 1931.

Pinkas HELLER. I cannot find any Page of Testimony

Josef KELC / KELCZ was married to Lotte and they had one son Manfred Meir-Yaakov born ca   1929.  According to the Page of Testimony, the family was in Lubaczow during the war.
Josef KELCZ' father was Mendel KELCZ who also became a victim of Holocaust at the age of 80.His son, the brother of Josef KELCZ, submitted the Page. Mendel KELCZ' third  wife Fradel KELCZ nee ADLER and their two children born in the 1920's , were all four murdered in the Holocaust, according to different Pages of Testimony..
Mendel KELCZ was the son of Zalman KELCZ.

Juda KORN. I cannot find any Pages of Testimony

Anna ZINN nee LISNER / LEISNER was married to Herman ZINN, born 1892 and they had one son, Wolfgang, born 1924 in Germany. All three were murdered in Holocaust.
Anna's parents were Avraham Shmuel and Adela LISNER and she had at least one brother named Efraim LISNER who wrote the Pages of Testimony.

Josef ROST was married to Ester  nee STEINBRECHER and they had two children.
One of the two children  wrote the Pages of Testimony for his parents. 
Josef ROST was the son of Noe/  Noach and Rachel  ROST. 
According to his son, Josef ROST was in Lubaczow during the war.

Samuel SCHEINDLING was married to Dora Dvora nee ARON. After being deported from Germany , they lived in Rzeszow, according to the Page of Testimony. They were both killed in Holocaust.
Samuel SCHEINDLING was the son of Zeev (Wolf) and Rachel SCHEINDLING.

Hermann KATZ was married to Selma. During the war, they were in Lubaczow. According to the Pages of Testimony they were shot and buried in a mass grave in Dachnow near Lubaczow

Avraham Moshe TISSER was married to Klara and they had at least two sons. Their son, Max TISSER, born 1927,  became a Holocaust victim with his parents. The second son survived. Unfortunately, the submitter did not know the names of his paternal grandparents. Could the paternal grandfather have been  Wolf Zeev TISSER ?

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