Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thanks for the photographs from HB

It must have been in 2000 or in 2001. I had not yet visited Lubaczow, but HB from the States was going and he offered to take photos of gravestones for me.

During his visit, he had to walk around in what was a jungle, taking random photos. 

At the time there was no possibility to locate any grave with the family name he was interested in - namely BODENSTEIN.

For me, his photos made it possible to encounter the gravestones before I got there in 2002. 

As my work has progressed I have actually located two graves that may be of interest:

BODENSTEIN nee HERZBERG,  Laje, died in 1922           Row 10, Grave 1

BODENSTEIN, Izrael,  died 1932                                    Row 4, Grave 9

If you ever read this, HB, please see this as a thank you for taking those photos back then. It would be great to know if these two persons are indeed part of your family tree.

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