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Lubaczow - Germany - Ghetto Lodz
The following two are registered in the  Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv  as born in Lubaczow, living in Germany, deported to Ghetto Lodz. 
SCHEINDLING, Etta Eta Etla, born  1884
                            Resident of Chemnitz and Berlin
                            Died in the Lodz ghetto in Dec  1941

WAJCER nee SCHEINDLING, Frida Frieda, born  1905
                           Resident of Berlin
                           Deported from Berlin to Ghetto Lodz
                           Deported from Lodz to Chelmno extermination camp

Sadly, I cannot find any Pages of Testimony for these two women.

Searching for any persons named SCHEINDLING , born  in Lubaczow, I found three siblings, the children of Wolf Zeev and Rachel SCHEINDLING.

1. The brother Samuel Shmuel  SCHEINDLING, born 1890,  had been a resident of Nuernberg.

2. One of the sisters Golda, born 1907, was married FAJGENZWEIG and lived in Bochum.
According to her nephew, she perished in Sobibor.
Two pieces of information seem to be a little conflicting in my eyes - namely that she went  to Poland or  was deported to Poland in 1938 and that she was in Amsterdam during the war, but perhaps I am missing some point.

3. The second sister was Frieda SCHEINDLING, born 1911, who according to her nephew  went or was deported to Poland in 1938 and then lived in Rzeszow.  But where had she lived before that? Despite the difference in age, could this be frida Frieda WAJCER nee SCHEINDLING?

The nephew then wrote Pages for his grandfather Wolf Zeev  born 1868 and for his grandmother (given name unknown to him) SCHEINDLING, born 1870. 

Did his grandparents die in the Holocaust, or had they died a natural death before the war broke out?

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