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Holocaust: From Lubaczow to Austria

Information about Holocaust victims can be of help when we want to find the names of those buried at the cemetery in Lubaczow. 

The nine persons listed here were all born in Lubaczow from 1862 to 1895.

I tried to add information about each person from Pages of Testimony, but unfortunately there were very few Pages

Finding as much information about each person, will help to see if their parents, grandparents  and uncles and aunts are  buried in Lubaczow.  See below.

For now, the information I have gathered, will be a way to commemorate these Holocaust victims who were born in Lubaczow.

BABAD nee ROST, Sara born 1888 in Lubaczow.
               Parents: Noach and Rachel
               Husband: Moshe Moses Babad 
               Deported on Feb 26th 1941. Murdered in Majdanek.

               Her mother Rachel Rachela ROST nee KATZ died in 1934 and is buried in Row 6,                      Grave 2.
                 Her father Noa Noah ROST died a natural death during the Holocaust, according to                    Page of Testimony submitted by grandson Joshua HEILMAN. Grave not located.

BRUNNER, Chane  born 1895 in Lubaczow.
               Deported from Pithiviers to Auschwitz Aug 7th 1942.

FISCHLER, Rosa   born 1888  in Lubaczow.
               Deported from Wien to the Lodz ghetto on Oct 19th 1941.

HERZBERG, Isak   born 1881 in Lubaczow.
               Deported from Wien to Theresienstadt Oct 1st 1942.
               Deported  from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz Oct 19th 1944.

               Murdered with his wife Bertha HERZBERG, born 1889 in Blazowa, and their daughter                  Berta HERZBERG born 1931 in Wien.

RICHTER Pepi  born 1896 in  Lubaczow.
                Deported from Wien to Maly Trostinec on Aug 17th 1942.
                Probably wife of Sali RICHTER.

RICHTER Sali born 1896 in Lubaczow.
                Deported from Wien to Maly Trostinec on Aug 17th 1942.
                Probably husband of Pepi RICHTER and son of Rosa RICHTER.

RICHTER Rosa  born 1862 in Lubaczow.
               Deported from Wien to Theresienstadt July 22nd 1941.
               Died in Theresienstadt April 12th 1944.
               Probably mother of Sali RICHTER and mother-in-law of Pepi RICHTER.

SCHIFF nee JUST, Antonia Toni Taube born 1894 in Lubaczow.
               Parents: Israel JUST and Sima RISS
               Husband: Moses Samuel SCHIFF
               Deported from Drancy to Auschwitz Sept 16th 1942.

SCHREIBER (nee JUST??) Schiffra born 1884 in Lubaczow.
               Parents: Israel (JUST??) and Sima (RISS??)
               Deported from Malines to Auschwitz on Sept 26th 1942

               Last address in Wien, the same as Mayer SCHREIBER born 1879 in Cziesanow.                          Husband?

My theory is that the two last women were sisters.

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