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Lubaczow - Berlin - Theresienstadt - Auschwitz
In another post I wrote down  the two persons who were born in Lubaczow, had lived in Berlin and then been deported to Theresienstadt and from there brought to Auschwitz:
Chaja WALZER was 75 years old when she was murdered.
Michael Joseph KUEBEL /Kübel
  was 64 years old when he was murdered.

The last four persons in the Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv had all been  born in Lubaczow, then been residents of Berlin, before they were sent to Auschwitz:

FOUKS (FUCHS? FUKS? ), Oskar, murdered Feb 13th 1943
GOLDBERG nee HAUSEN, Pepi, born 1900, murdered  Dec 9th 1942
LINZER nee WALZER, Rachela, born 1909, murdered Feb 3rd 1943
SCHWARZ nee FUCHS / FUKS , Rahel ( Rachel) , born 1897, murdered March 4th 1943

Oskar FOUKS. There is a Page of Testimony for Oskar FUKS who was born 1915, the son of Salomon Shlomo and Bluma FUKS, who possibly is for this victim.

The same person, an aunt of Oskar FUKS, has also submitted Pages for her own sister  Rachel Regina SCHWARZ nee FUKS and for her nephew Josef SCHWARZ born 1927. She wrote that the parents of Rachel Regina were Aharon and Scheindel FUKS .

For Rachel LINZER and Pepi GOLDBERG I have not found any Pages of Testimony.

Possibly Rachel LINZER was married to Moses LINZER, born 1908 in Tarnow, who died in Sachsenhausen in 1940

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