Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Looking for the graves of Samuel Nute LICHTER and his son Josef Moses LICHTER

After I met the Koenig family in Lubaczow in January 2014, M.E. wrote me and asked if I could locate the grave of a friend's greatgrandfather - Samuel Nute LICHTER who had died around 1913-1914.

There was a connection between the KOENIG and LICHTER families, so when the LICHTER family came for the Yahrzeit of Samuel Nute LICHTER , they would stay with the family of  Moshe KOENIG.

I was not able to locate this family grave back then, and I still have not found it.

Today, looking through old emails, I saw the request once more, and despite the assumed years of death (1913-1914) , decided to check the death register (August 1914 - December 1938).

There he was! 
Samuel Nute LICHTER, born ca 1860, son of Symcha and Fradla LICHTER, died on August 13th 1915 at the age of 55.
Looking further, I found that his son, Josef Moses LICHTER, born ca 1889, had died on January 2nd 1916.

Hopefully this information will enable us one day to locate their two graves.

October 28th 2016:
Following an email, I am adding  some more information about Samuel Nute and Feiga LICHTER's children. Based on Pages of Testimony submitted by Leo  Moses LICHTER in 1983, three of their children lived in Oswiecim before the war and were murdered in Holocaust

1. Jankel LICHTER was born in Lubaczow, married to Chaja, lived in Oswiecim

2. Rosa LICHTER was born in Lubaczow, married to Sindel ROKACH, lived in Oswiecim.

3. Naftule David LICHTER was born in Oswiecim, lived in Oswiecim, probably not married 

The Pages do not indicate their ages. My guess, based on father's age, is that they may have been born between 1885 and 1910. 
The Pages do not mention if Jankel and Rosa had any children in their marriages.

Leo Moses LICHTER also wrote Pages of Testimony for relatives born in Zolkiew. Could the roots of the LICHTER family have been in Zolkiew?

Zolkiew, Lubaczow, Oswiecim.

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