Friday, August 28, 2015

Are Salomon RAMRAS and his wife Syma Lea nee STIGLITZ buried in Lubaczow?

Probably around the year 2000  I talked on the phone to Shlomo MEHUDAR who then lived in Jerusalem.

Shlomo told me he was born in Lubaczow in 1928 to Rabbi Abraham MEHUDAR and Szprynca Scheindla nee RAMRAS. The family name had originally been MADER and they had done their Aliyah in 1933, when Shlomo Salomon was just five.

Szprynca Scheindla's parents were  Salomon RAMRAS and Syma Lea nee STIGLITZ. My guess is that this couple was born around 1845-1850.

it looks like Shlomo was named after his maternal grandfather Salomon RAMRAS, who, if this is true, must have died in 1928 or earlier. As he is not in the Lubaczow death register, there are two possibilities: he died somewhere else, or he died before Aug 1914.

Dointg a search on  Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, I then discovered that this couple had at least two more daughters in addition to Szprynca Scheindla:

1. Guetel Mirl married SCHMIDT had a daughter she named Sime Lea in 1898.

2. Niche  married  RAPPAPORT had a daughter she named Sime Leije in  1909.

From this, it seems Syma Lea RAMRAS nee STIGLITZ must have died before 1898.

Did Salomon RAMRAS die in Lubaczow before August 1914, and was he buried at this cemetery?

Did Syma Lea RAMRAS nee STIGLITZ die in Lubaczow before 1898 and was she buried at this cemetery?