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Group One includes those few gravestones with the family name inscribed.
Group Two has no family names on the gravestones, but here the civilian Death Register (1914 - 1938) has given new possibilities.

I have mainly used these two sources for Group Two:
1. The Death Register written in Latin letters based on the general calendar.
2. The actual text on the gravestones, written in Hebrew letters and based on the Hebrew calendar.

I have then compared the dates of death and the given names of the deceased and the given name of the father of the deceased, in Hebrew and in Latin letters, taking into consideration the Sacred name ( (Shem Kodesh) and the nickname ( Kinnui) with spellings influenced mainly  by German and Polish.
F.ex. Zvi, Hersch, Hersz.

From these comparisons, I present the following graves:

FEDER, Wolf, 55 years old, died in  1924            ROW 28, GRAVE 25

FEDER nee DONER , Malka, 85 years old, died in 1932   ROW 1, GRAVE 49

FEUER, Boruch, 67 years old, died in 1935      ROW 4, GRAVE 7

FLIESER, Jakob, 51 years old, died in 1927.

FLIESER Majer, 22 years old, died in 1931.

FOREL, Izrael, 58 years old, died in 1922.

FRIEDMAN nee SEIFER, Beila, 82 years old, died in 1920.

FRIESER, Saul, 63 years old, died in 1919.

FRÄNKEL, Israel, 18 years old, died in 1915.

FRÄNKEL nee BRÜH , Rywka, 70 years old, died in 1927

FUCHS nee PLATZ, Rachela, 70 years old, died in 1924.

FUCHS, Markus, 79 years old, died in 1926

FUCHS, Basia, 90 years old, died in 1934.

Corrections? Additions?

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