Sunday, August 30, 2015

If you are a descendant of the KAMER and / or the TEMER families

One of the most heartbreaking testimonies from the Holocaust in Lubaczow, is that of Feiga Sosia KAMER nee TEMER. Feiga, born 1906, was married to Benjamin KAMER and together they had at least two sons and a daughter. The daughter was around ten or eleven years old, when she was caught in 1943. She did not want to disclose  where her family was hiding, and was shot.
(ZICH  Testimony 301 /1174)

Three of her relatives  are in the death register and  it is possible that two of their graves have been located:

1. The little girl's paternal grandfather Hersch Leib KAMER ( ca 1875-1925)

2. The little girl's  paternal uncle Jakob Moses KAMER ( ca 1887 - 1935).
His grave is on ROW 3, GRAVE 1.

3. The little girl's maternal grandfather Hersz TEMER ( ca 1875 - 1925) is probably buried on ROW 7, GRAVE 1.

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