Monday, August 10, 2015

Spelling of Given Names in Hebrew Slightly Different

First, when I encountered “strange” ways of writing  the given names, I was puzzled.  What had happened? 

Why was Yehuda in Hebrew written with an ALEPH in the end instead of a HEY?

Why was Eliyahu lacking both the HEY and the VAV?

Why was Arie in Hebrew  written without the final HEY?

It would have been different if the person's name was Ari or Eli, but it is clear that the versions on the gravestones are shorter versions of Arie and Eli(yahu).

Modern  Hebrew spelling 
Spelling in  the cemetery in Lubaczow 

My theory now is that the Jews in Lubaczow tried -  in different ways - to avoid using the Hebrew letters in God’s name and therefore shortened or rewrote the names of their own family members. If you have a different explanation, I would appreciate hearing it.

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