Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Holocaust: Sachsenhausen (STERNLICHT)

In the Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv, there are four men who were born in Lubaczow, lived in Berlin, and became Holocaust victims in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp outside Berlin.
I have presented three of them in this post

The last one is Avigdor Wilhelm STERNLICHT born  1895 in Lubaczow.
He was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen on Sept 13th 1939 and died in Sachsenhausen on March 31st 1940. He was then 45 years old.

There are some Holocaust victims from Berlin with the family name STERNLICHT, but I do not know if they are related to Avigdor Wilhelm STERNLICHT.

Here is what I have been able to learn from other Pages of Testimony where it says the person was born in Lubaczow or lived there.

In Lubaczow there was a couple named Yaakov and Sara STERNLICHT who probably were born around 1850 and therefore may have died a natural death in Lubaczow before the Holocaust.

They had at least these two sons:

Avraham STERNLICHT born around 1870, married  to Zelda. Their two children were grown up. One of them was Feiga Rysza GELBER nee STERNLICHT, born 1893,  who lived in Basznia and was the mother of five children. Avraham STERNLICHT was murdered in Holocaust.

Shlomo Leib STERNLICHT born 1873, married to Gitel nee Altschueler, father of four children.One of their children  wrote the Page of Testimony in Israel in 1956.

Another STERNLICHT family that became victims of Holocaust:
 Israel STERNLICHT and his wife Sara nee LISS and their son Moshe STERNLICHT born 1939.
How this family is connected to the families already mentioned is not known.

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