Monday, August 17, 2015

Paint on the decorations: Blue and green

For me it was a surprise to discover  that the gravestones in Lubaczow originally had been painted. Not only that, but  some of that paint was still there!


For the first stone below, made 127 years ago, the last repaint must have been done at least 73 years ago, in 1942, probably earlier.

Blue paint on the candelabrum on the gravestone of Breine who died in 1886.

Remnants of blue and black paint

Remnants of blue at the base ( the frame?) on one gravestone.
Unfortunately I did not write down where this gravestone was located.

This time, because the cemetery had been cleaned up, I discovered that the grave of Dr. Moses NN  ( Row 39 , Grave  7) also had a base painted in blue.

Blue at the base of the grave of Yehushua son of Pinchas, who died in 1929

A little experiment with the Paint program


Light green on the candelabrum

What looks like darker green on the candelabrum

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