Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looking for the grave of Ester Lea Laja STRASSBERG nee MITMAN

A descendant of Ester Lea  Laja Strassberg  nee MITMAN would like to locate her grave in the cemetery as she supposedly died before the Holocaust, in the 1930's. 

She may have been born around 1880 - 1885. Her father was Juda Hirsch MITMAN.
אסתר לאה בת יהודה צבי 

She was married to Markus Mordechai STRASSBERG.
Ester Lea Laja Strassberg  is not in the Death register (1914 - 1938).  If she died before the Holocaust, perhaps she died in 1939, or even during the Soviet occupation 1939-1941?

According to information I have collected through the years Mordechai Markus STRASSBERG and Ester Lea Laja  nee MITMAN  had at least two grownup  children who were  both murdered in Holocaust:

1. Taube Tova STORCH nee STRASSBERG   was born in 1908 in Osterowicze near Lubaczow. She married Dov (Ber?) STORCH. They lived in Buczacz with their two children.

2. Mosze STRASSBERG  was born in Lubaczow in 1914. He was married to Rivka KUPFERSCHMIDT, and they had at least two children. Mosze Strassberg was trading in flour. They lived in Lubaczow. According to the family , Mosze, Rivka and their very young children were shot in the flour mill that belonged to the family.

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