Monday, August 10, 2015

Numbering the Graves

The Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow still has two of its original four walls – one towards the street, one towards the high school.

Where these two walls meet, there is a small side gate coming in from the Kościuszki street.
The gate is closed, but you can get into the cemetery through the main entrance to the Christian cemetery. In the future I hope that a trusted person or institution  will have keys both to the original main entrance and to this side entrance.

            The side gate from the street.   

                        The side gate from  inside the cemetery.

My decision was to start the numbering of the graves from this inside corner.
The row closest to the high school would be Row 1.
The grave closest to the street would be Grave 1.

Unfortunately this has not been easy to accomplish, mostly because of the vegetation and the fact that the rows are not completely straight. 

Therefore you should use my location numbers as indicators and start looking for the wanted grave in that approximate area. The more photos of the tombstones that will be online, the easier it will be, even for  those who do not read Hebrew, to find specific stones.

Bogdan Lisze wrote some row numbers in chalk on the inside of the walls, where he saw rows starting close to the wall. These do not correspond to my numbering, as I have some rows that start further away from the wall. Be aware! We really need somebody to use a GPS to map the exact location of each stone.

Additions and corrections are most welcome.

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