Monday, August 10, 2015

"New" gravestone of Freida, daughter of Jona, from 1901

After adding the photos from Yad Vashem, I decided to look for photos on Beth Lochamei Haghettaot's website, and found one tombstone, photographed after the war.

The text in Hebrew is

א דרח שבט שנת תרס"א

אשה זקינה צנועה
וישרה עלי' יקוננו
בני' במרה הה מר
פריידא בהמנוח
מוהרר יונה ז"ל
ת נ ב צ ה

This is Freida daughter of Jona z"l. She died in January 1901.
So far I cannot find a grave for this woman in my survey. 

In my opinion, it is most likely that the stone has fallen over. Perhaps it was covered by vegetation in 2002 and 2003?

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