Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Holocaust: From Berlin to Poland ( SCHEINDLING, WALZER)

Lubaczow - Berlin - Poland
There are four persons, all born in Lubaczow, who are listed as emigrating to Poland, and then with dates of death  in January 1943 in "unknown place" listed in the German Gedenkbuch, published by the German Bundesarchiv:

SCHEINDLING nee REBHUN, Chaja, born 1893                                 Resident of Berlin    
SCHEINDLING, Oskar, born 1892                                                     Resident of Berlin   
SCHEINDLING, Frieda, born 1920                                                     Resident of Berlin                          
Based on their date of death as Jan 5th 1943, my theory is that Oskar and Chaja SCHEINDLING were the parents of Frieda SCHEINDLING. 

The fourt person, WALZER nee SCHEINDLING, Frieda Frimeta, born  1895,
Resident of Berlin , may have been the wife of Bernard WALZER as both have the date of death as Jan 7th 1943.

Could Frieda Frimet WALZER nee SCHEINDLING and Oskar SCHEINDLING have been siblings?

Is the word "emigration" another way of saying that these residents of Berlin were forced to return to Poland?

Their parents and relatives may be among those buried at the cemetery in Lubaczow. 
Checking  Pages of Testimony did not  give me  the names of their parents.

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