Monday, August 10, 2015

Holocaust: Clara and Maurice SCHNECK from Lubaczow to Roanne, France

Searching for information about the SCHNECK family from Lubaczow, I found a book published on the internet called "De Roanne a Auschwitz  Des enfants Schneck" ( From Roanne to Auschwitz   The Schneck Children)

Leon Leib SCHNECK was born in Rawa Ruska in 1902 and moved to Lubaczow where he, in 1925, married Rachel Rachela Ryfka /  Rachel Rifka Fogel / Vogel  ( born 1905). It is not clear if the wife was born in Lubaczow.

In 1926 or 1927  they had a daughter named  Chaja / Clara  and in 1929 a son named Mendel Kopel / Maurice, both born in Lubaczow.

The family moved to France - first Leon SCHNECK. His wife and two children joined him in 1930.
In France they settled in Roanne and had five more children there:
Marie born 1931
The twins Suzanne and Teti  born 1934
Albert born 1939
Tschirli born 1941

The seven children were murdered in Auschwitz in 1943.

Are  these children's relatives buried at the Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow?

I do not know. 


  1. Hi, my name is Dan and I am the author of the book "De Roanne a Auschwitz: les enfants Schneck".
    From what I know, Rachela died in France in 1940/41 from disease. Leon was deported after his kids, and survived the war. He lived in Roanne until the 80's.

  2. Thank you Dan for adding this information.
    Imagine the children first losing their mother and then being deported alone to their death.
    Imagine the life of the father after the war, having lost his wife and all of his children, and then living till the 1980's.

    I now see that the link I mentioned above is not working, but that anybody interested in the book can buy it through
    Is there any other way of buying the book?

    Eva Floersheim

  3. Could the mother have died in connection with the birth of the youngest child in 1941?