Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Holocaust: Sachsenhausen (FUCHS )

In the Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv there are several Jews, born in Lubaczow, listed as Holocaust victims.

One of them is Oskar Osias FUCHS. He is listed as 

Fuchs, Oskar Osias

born on 28th November 1908 in Lubaczow / Cieszanow / Galizien
He was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen on Sept 14th 1939 and died in Sachsenhausen on March 23rd 1942.

Who was Oskar Fuchs? Who were his parents, siblings, family members?

Could it be he was born in Cieszanow, and not in Lubaczow? 

Then there is a Holocaust victim named Oskar FUKS, born in Lubaczow in 1915, according to a Page of Testimony submitted by his paternal aunt. Is this a different Oskar?

According to her Pages, Oskar FUKS, born 1915, was the son of Salomon Shlomo FUKS born 1887 and Bluma nee RAMRAS.
Salomon Shlomo FUKS was the son of Chana and Aron FUKS.

Oskar was the brother of Adolf FUKS, a musician, playing in an orchestra. Fania FUKS and Josef FUKS.
The family seems to have lived in Krakow.

Is there a connection between Oskar Osias FUCHS born 1908 and Oskar FUKS born 1915?

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