Monday, August 17, 2015

Rabbi Yehushua Heshil Frenkel-Teumim / Teomim

This was a request from E.M.

Will we be able to locate the grave of Rabbi Yehushua Heshil FRENKEL TEUMIM / TEOMIM at the cemetery? He was the head of the Rabbinical Court in Lubaczow, according to the text on his wife's grave.

Part of information in March 2016 from Dr. Neil Rosenstein:
G13.1. R. Joshua Heschel Frankel‑Teomim, born about 1845 and died in 1894, ABD of Narajow and Lubaczow, married Beila, daughter of R. Eleazar, ABD Mariampol and Rohatyn, son of R. Meshullam Issachar Horowitz (see Chapter XVI ‑ Stanislaw Branch VI ‑ G14.3/15.5).  A few of their children died young.

G14.1. R. Elimelech Frankel‑Teomim,[1] born in Lubaczow in 1884 and perished about 1943 in the Holocaust, married Reizel Chaya Shifra, daughter of R. David Menachem Meinish Babad (1865‑1938) ‑ Chapter XI ‑ Branch B. He was ABD of Jaworow, Poland and the author of Hafla’ot Nedarim, published in Bilgoray in 1936.

The grave of the rabbi's  wife has been located on Row 2, Grave 22.
Her name was Beila  FRENKEL-TEOMIM nee HOROWITZ. She was the daughter of the head of the Rabbinical Court in Rohatyn, Rabbi Elazar HOROWITZ.


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