Sunday, August 16, 2015

REINFELD: Theory for the location of Wolf Zeev Reinfeld's grave

When Wolf Reinfeld died in Lubaczow in 1920, his oldest son Joseph Hirsch Reinfeld was already a US citizen.

His wife Nesha Necha Neska Nettie  and their son Saul and daughter Frieda were still living in Lubaczow. Later that year the widow and Saul and Frieda emigrated to the States.

In 1929, now a wealthy man, Joe Reinfeld brought his family back to Lubaczow for a visit. 

This was also the time he arranged for the wall to be built around the cemetery.

According to one family oral tradition, it was also in 1929 he arranged for a new gravestone to be put up on his father's grave.

During  my earlier visits I have tried to look for  Wolf Reinfeld's gravestone, without success.

This time, I think I may have found it, or what is left of it. My theory has been that if Joe Reinfeld put up a new gravestone in 1929, he would have liked it to stand out from all the other graves in the cemetery, probably both in choice of material and design. From this theory comes the possibility that this grave then may have been stripped of the more expensive material at some later point.

Not so far from the old main entrance is this block  -  pieces of red brick and thick iron rods in concrete.

From the front you can imagine it as the base for a gravestone covered in f.ex. marble.

What more, looking at the pieces of red brick, the concrete, the iron rods - you see the similarity in the other project Joe Reinfeld undertook at the same time , namely the building of the cemetery walls.

What do you think?

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