Monday, August 10, 2015

Photographs of Gravestones at the Yad Vashem Archives

At the archives at Yad Vashem I once discovered a series of black and white photos taken in 1964 in Lubaczow, many from the Jewish cemetery.

Fifty years ago there was more  paint left, and the erosion had not had the same effect as today.

Here are the three photos Yad Vashem granted me permission to publish.

According to my numbering, this photo shows Row 19, Grave 15 - 16.

According to my numbering, this photo shows Row 41, Grave  6 - 8.
The grave to the left is that of David KATZ, a gravestone that is not standing there today. It probably is  on the ground.
The wall in the background  was originally the wall dividing the Jewish and Christian cemetery. It does not exist today.

According to my numbering,  this photo shows Row 30, Grave 12 - 14. The closest grave is that of Cyril STEINER. Further back are those of Nesha Rachel  and Chaia Nesha.  

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