Friday, August 28, 2015

If you are a descendant of the WIDMAN family

Two graves with the WIDMAN family name have been located.

Josef WIDMAN (ca 1863 - 1936) , son of Eliasz and Gitla WIDMAN, married to Beila Pesla, father of Gitla SCHWARZ nee WIDMAN ( ca 1892 - 1917)

Chaja WIDMAN nee WIDMAN ( ca 1879 -1927) daughter of Szaja Leib and Laja WIDMAN, was married to Hersch WIDMAN.

It is possible that Hersch WIDMAN had been married to Ryfka nee ENGELBERG (ca 1880 - 1915) before his marriage to Chaja. Her grave has not been located.

The grave of Ryfka WIDMAN nee EHRMAN ( ca 1857 - 1927) has not been located. She was married to Chajem Majer WIDMAN. Their daughter Feiga WIDMAN married MESSER, was born around 1896 and died in 1922.

From an enquiry I received many years ago I now understand there was an additional WIDMAN family from Basnia Gorna:

Selig WIDMAN and his wife Basia nee RAUCH. Basia was born in 1882.

Selig and Basia had at least these two children:
Chaim Saul WIDMAN / RAUCH born 1912
Rachel Beila WIDMAN / RAUCH married  GUTTER born 1916

Basia WIDMAN, Chaim Saul WIDMAN, Rachel Beila GUTTER nee WIDMAN and her little daughter Paula GUTTER born ca 1938 in Krakow - what happened to them in the Holocaust? 

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