Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Holocaust: Deported from Germany to unknown place of deportation (WALZER)

Lubaczow - Berlin - Unknown place

From the Gedenkbuch published by the German Bundesarchiv

WALZER, Bernhard was born in 1891 in Lubaczow.
A resident of Berlin.
Date of death: Jan 7th 1943 in unknown place

One possibility: Bernard could be Berl or Dov.

Another possibility: Could Frieda  Frimet WALZER nee SCHEINDLING,  born  1895, a resident of Berlin, emigrated to Poland, died in Poland in 1943,  be his wife?

A third possibility: Could Chaja  WALZER nee STORCH, Chaja,  born 1868  in Lubaczow, a resident of Berlin, Germany, deported  from Berlin to Theresienstadt in Jan 1943 and deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz in Dec 1943, be the mother of Bernard WALZER?   

A fourth possibility: The date January 7th 1943 corresponds to the final destruction of the Lubaczow ghetto. Did Bernard and Frieda WALZER die in the Lubaczow ghetto?

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