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The rabbinical ancestors of Reuven FRIESER / FRISER

Reuven Friser, son of Shmuel,  died in 1902, has a long list of his direct ancestors on the gravestone, and what a list! 

•Rabbi Hilel  from Dubno
•Rabbi David from Keidan
•Rabbi Yecheskel from Altona, Hamburg and Waldeck
•Rabbi Josef Yaakov Avraham from Lwow
•Rabbi Shaul Wahl from Brisk (Brest)
•Rabbi Shmuel from Przemyslany
•Rabbi Menachem from (Patia?)
•Rabbi Moshe Parnas, Dubno area
•Rabbi David Marshalowicz from Dubno

The text in Hebrew:
נפ ב אדר ראשון תרס"ב

איש ישיש ראובן בר שמואל יואל
(ז"ל?) נכד הרב הלל הגדול מדובנא
רבתי נכד הו ר דוד אבד"ק קיידאן
זצ"ל נין הו דק ר יחזקאל אבד אהוו
יצלקה נין הו ר יוסף יעקב אברהם
אבד לבוב נין הרב שאול וואהל
אבד בריסק זלתיטא נין הרב ר
שמואל שמהדס אבדק פרעמשלי
בהרב מנחם מפאטיה א צהקסה נין
הרבני משה פרנס מדובא רבתי
שהוא אביו של הרב הנאור דוד
מארשאלהאוויטש מדובנ תנבצה

It was a great honor when Dr. Neil Rosenstein contacted us and could give more information about some of the names on the gravestone. Thanks!

G1.   R. Meir Katzenellenbogen, ABD Padua.
G2.1. R. Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen, ABD Padua and Venice.
G3.2. Daughter, married R. Joel Ashkenazi (-Katzenellenbogen).
G4.2. R. Abraham (Joseph Jacob) Ashkenazi‑Katzenellenbogen, born about 1549 and died in Lvov on April 30 (6 Iyar), 1637.
G5.4. R. Jacob Katzenellenbogen,[1] succeeded his father as ABD of Lvov, died there on February 28 (13 Adar), 1660.
G6. R. Abraham Katzenellenbogen, Dayan in Brest-Litovsk, married his first cousin, daughter of R. Bezalel, son of R. Benjamin Aaron Slonik.
G7.3. R. Ezekiel Katzenellenpogen, ABD Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbeck, born in 1668 or 1669 and died in Altona, July 9 (23 Tammuz) 1749.goes back to Saul Wahl through his wife Esther
G8.1. R. David Katzenellenpogen, born about 1690 and died about 1756.

A second connection:
Dr. Neil Rosenstein wrote a book about Shaul Wahl. 
See his website

In 1908  his son Eli(yahu) Friser died and was buried next to him.

On his stone it says that he was a descendant of  "Gedoley Israel" ( Important Jews).

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