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Learning from Pawel Sygowski and Andrzej Trzcinski

The Help from Pawel Sygowski and Andrzej Trzcinski

Pawel Sygowski and Andrzej Trzcinski from the University of Lublin wrote a very relevant article in Polish about the Jewish cemetery in Lubaczow . In particular they concentrated on the graves from before 1800, those graves that I,  in my own survey, usually had no ability to write more than "Old grave" and perhaps take a photo of the top of the gravestone that I could see. Their article was published in the Rocznik Lubaczowski Tom III in Lubaczow in 1998.

Their detailed studies of 35 of these very old stones include the Hebrew text, translation to Polish, photos of several of the stones and much more.

As given names usually were passed from one generation to another, I decided to list these 35 persons, with my own transcription. There seem to be three family names (Szpiro, Gorbech and Gecel ). There is a daughter of a KOHEN, and a daughter and a son of a LEVI. 

1728   Ita, daughter of Yaakov, died
1729  Meir, son of Menachem, died
1731  Moshe Hilel, son of Yitzchak, died
1733  Chaim Feiwel, son of Yecheskel, died
1734 Chana , daughter of Yehuda, died
1734 Yecheskel , son of Arie Leib Szpiro, died
1734 Chaim son of Yehuda, died
1735  Hendel, daughter of Yaakov, died
1736 Avraham Yehuda, son of David Gorbech, died

1751 Shm...riyhu ( prob. Shmariyahu), son of Meir, died
1752 Reuven, son of Shmuel, died
1759 Baruch, son of Gershon HaLevi, died
1760 Reisel, daughter of Avraham Yehuda, died
1760 Hena, daughter of Yitzchak Ajzik, died
1760 Zvi Hirsh, son of Eliyakim Gecel, died
1761 Feiga, daughter of Yitzchak Ajzik , died
1761 Ester, daughter of Avraham Avish, died
Between 1754 to 1761 Moshe, son of Shimshon, died

1773 Chanoch, son of Gershon, died
1775 Feiga, daughter of Gershon, died
1777 Sheindel, daughter of Zvi Hirsh, died
1778 Feiga, daughter of Yaakov HaLevi, died
1779  Josef, son of Yaakov, died
1779 Nesha, daughter of Yehuda Leib, died
1781 Hinda, daughter of Moshe HaKohen, died
1783 Gitel, daughter of Yecheskel, died
1785 Yehuda, son of Rabbi Yitzchak, died
1789 Natan, son of Avraham Yaakov HaLevi, died
1789 Meir, son of Asher  Ensil, died

1793(?) Aharon Shmuel , son of Rabbi Noach Avraham, died
1797  Rabbi Noach Avraham died
1796 or 1797 Rebbetzin Dvorah, died

1798 Avraham, son of Baruch, died
1799 Rachel, daughter of Josef, died
1799 or 1800 Dov Ber, son of Baruch from Belz, died

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